The Warmies Project

Looking forward to Distaff Day on in January 2020! Learn more at

Since 2014, Orlando Distaff Day attendees have donated more than 800 made-with-love warm items for people in need in Central Florida.

1/5/19 Thank you, Orlando Distaff Day!  The fiber artist community contributed 247 donations, which were taken to the Coalition for the Homeless, along with about 50 items of donated food.  They also wrote postcards to warm hearts – a nice touch to add an extra sprinkle of kindness to their 2019 Warmies drive! 

PHOTOS:    All Warmies Donations|Distaff Day 2019Distaff Day 2018  | Distaff Day 2016  | |  Distaff Day 2015 |    Distaff Day 2014    |      2013-14 Donations

We accept hand-made items to distribute to people in need in our community when it gets cold.  Each item should come with a hand-written note from the donor to the person who will receive your gift – warming their heart as well!

We distribute to homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, hospices, youth programs, children’s hospitals, and more.

When including your personal note from the artist to the recipient, please use positive, encouraging, inspirational messages that respect the diverse worldviews of all people.  No political, religious, or similarly non-inclusive messages will be distributed.

Orlando Distaff Day

2018 article – Thanks, Orlando Distaff Day!

2017 article – gratitude for the generosity of the local fiber artist communities!

Join us at the 2019 Orlando Distaff Day on or near January 6th.  CLICK HERE to volunteer at The Warmies Project table at the event.

Donate to Warmies!

If you or your group would like to donate items, please contact us at  We are also glad to come set up a table or speak at your events.

Items can be donated at any BE. Orlando event, or we can arrange special pickup or delivery.  We will be at the Orlando Distaff Day event – come see us there!

TAMPA BRANCH– We have an active Tampa affiliate collecting Warmies donations and giving them to local Gulf Coast agencies.  Contact us at to ask about either location. The form below can be used by Tampa and Central Florida agencies requesting donations.

Request Items for your Organization

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