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Veg Fest ROCKED!!


Thank you everyone for an amazing day at Veg Fest!

Make a Difference Day ROCKED!

Ambassador wolfdogs Sirius and Orion spent the afternoon giving lucky wolf-kisses to Veg Fest guests and volunteers from IHWN spent the day colouring with kids and educating people about the local sanctuary.

The blood drive was amazing, too! our blood bus was full all day and our impact was saving 63 lives!

We enjoyed being part of the Secular and Humanist tent community at veg fest – it was great to connect with many people and to spread the word about activism, service, educational, social, and other opportunities for involvement  There was a lot of positive response and many meaningful conversations.  Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello – and we hope to see you at an event soon!



Last call to be part of saving the sanctuary!


Gavin, Volunteer with the Artist Heroes project

Gavin, Volunteer with the Artist Heroes project

Together we’ve been watching the challenges faced by local wolf and wolfdog sanctuary, In Harmony With Nature, as they faced the potential for losing their property over the past year following an illness of a benefactor and other difficulties.  You helped us share the story, raise funds, and work to make a paw-sitive difference for these amazing animals and local educational resource.  THANK YOU for your support!!

This refuge has been in a veritable Schrodinger’s Box for quite a while – and we will soon get to peek inside.  Your continued support over the next couple of weeks could mean the difference between a bright future for these animals – or an uncertain and potentially devastating one.

The property was lost at action to the bank – they outbid the individual who entered the auction to save the property.  Now, the property is with a company that will be selling it – and the sanctuary has the option to work with them.  There are many potential positive outcomes, but in a likely scenario In Harmony will need to have the cash to purchase the property.

If you haven’t pledged yet, or would consider making an additional pledge, please log in today.  Your contribution could make all the difference.


How does this benefit you and our greater community?  Come join our Picnic With Wolves on December 5th for a tour, or simply think about the potential for local youth to have a wolf and wolfdog tour or service project to learn about a unique aspect of responsible pet ownership and breeding; a group tour or service event for your social group, work group, or team; and most importantly the service to these animals that is unique, specialized, and in great demand.   There are scores of wolfdogs on waiting lists for rescues – and only a few specialized agencies able to care for them.  Let’s not lose this one, that is located in our local community and has the potential not only to impact the animals, but to provide a wonderful engagement opportunity for us all.

You can learn more about the refuge at IHWN.org.

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Picnic With Wolves II (A Picnic With a Purpose)


Update, 12/3/15 – A Message from BE. Orlando:

We are very sorry to let you know that there has been an unexpected turn of events and we have been asked by the sanctuary to postpone  Picnic With Wolves until at least February.  I want you to know that everyone is all right; there was simply a situation beyond our control that came up.  Thank you for understanding that in animal rescue of any kind – especially exotic animals –  sometimes things go awry and we must be flexible for the sake of the animals.

DONATIONS: Those of you who donated through Eventbrite, your donations will go directly to the charity and will greatly help with the situation they are in. If you need confirmation for tax purposes please contact me at BEOrlando@live.com.

VOLUNTEERS: If any of you were joining this event hoping for information on a volunteer commitment with the refuge, please contact me (Tee) directly at BEOrlando@live.com so that we can set up a phone interview.

Picnic With Wolves 2.5: If you would like to receive an update when this event is re-scheduled, please join our event site at http://Meetup.com/BEOrlando, follow us at http://Facebook.com/BEOrlando ,or check back to our blog at http://JustGottaBE.org for updates in early 2016.

Save the date for a picnic lunch on Saturday, December 5th. Why?  Because you need a wolf kiss.

Family-friendly pot luck social picnic for volunteers, supporters, and friends of the private facility wolf & wolfdog sanctuary.  A guided tour will be provided.

Event hosted by BE. Orlando; members, friends, and families of all groups in our Central Florida Coalition of Reason, Florida Humanist Association, and other secular communities network are welcome (with RSVP on this site).

This event is free to attend, family friendly, and smoke free.

A Picnic With a Purpose! 100% of proceeds through voluntary donations will support IHWN.

RSVP with BE:

Picnic With Wolves

Saturday, Dec 5, 2015, 11:30 AM

7 Awesome People Attending

Check out this Meetup →


Picnic With Wolves!

IHWN_fasterIn Harmony With Nature is a place of peace, nature, and positive energy – and a great place to volunteer!  They provide specialized care to exotic animals including wolves and wolfdogs, provide re-homing when appropriate, and permanent sanctuary when needed.

Their property is still in danger of being auctioned.  Learn more about the auction and stay updated on the news at http://GoFundMe.com/InHarmony or follow them on the Facebook.

Picnic With Wolves

There is a picnic for volunteers and supporters on April 11th – learn more here:

eventbrite event logo

Positive Thoughts, Positive Action

Updated 1/20/2015

Update 1/20/2015 – Join us on Saturday, 1/24, at Pookie’s Ultra Rescue Fest, 10-4, Lake Lily Park!  Click here for a flyer to share:  JPG PDF

Update 1/12/15 – now is the time to reach out to potential donors.  PLEASE SHARE this information.  Help us make sure that long before April 6th we will have the funds needed to save this local resource.

Update 1/5/15 – GREAT NEWS to start the new year.  The auction of the property has been postponed until April 6th.  That means we have more time to network and fund-raise to save this amazing local resource.  Please help us share this story and connect with others who can help!

Update 010315:  Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening in person and in thought for an evening of gratitude and positive energy!  See photos here.  If you have additional photos for this event, please share them with IHWN. 

IHWN is a place of peace and natural sanctuary, offering specialized care to some very special animals.  It is the only place of its kind in Central Florida.  The sanctuary sits on a leased property, and unfortunately the owners became ill and the property is being foreclosed. Fundrasing created some assistance, but the property was scheduled for auction on January 7th.  We learned on January 5th that the sale has been postponed until April 6th, and we have until then to raise the funds to purchase the property..  If you can help, please step up with us and make a difference.  Donations are needed, but also please share in your spheres of influence and empower others to be part of the network of love that is weaving together to save this local 112203-custom-ribbon-magnet-sticker-Save+IHWN.org  resource.

We can still keep these animals safe.  Even if the property is not able to be secured, all donations are needed to assist as many of these animals as possible.

What can YOU do?  You can share your positive energy, share information about this story with others, share the fundraising site, make a donation if you can, help advocate and spread the word. Ask all of your facebook connections, family, friends, spiritual/faith/non-faith community members, colleagues, and other spheres of influence to do the same. Somewhere out there is someone who is able and interested in saving this refuge, and we have until April 6th, when the property will be auctioned, to make that connection. Please advocate, and stay positive – there are still many ways that this can work out, especially if we use our voices wherever possible to tell the story. Positive Thoughts, Positive Action http://wp.me/p4YpKw-95

10885082_10152585268933527_5924023132460256582_nFrom IHWN:  In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven would like to say peace to you all in this season of giving and gratitude. Whatever your philosophies or beliefs may be, this is a time of year of endings and new beginnings, family and friends and gathering together. We hope this time will be exactly what you need for joy and love in your heart and life. We want to say a huge Thank You for all the shares, likes, and donations for our organization!!

Kim, all of the volunteers, and all of the animals at IHWN request your positive thoughts.  And your advocacy by sharing this information to connect with others will make a difference – as will any donations you are able to share with these animals.  We know there are many ways this can still work out for the best for these animals.

quotegraphicYOU can help ensure that after the auction on April 6th  these animals will be able to stay safe in their home with their loving family of volunteers.



Save IHWN Positive Energy Graphic

Wolf Hero

Heroes needed – for wolves and wolfdogs.

UPDATED 12/10/14

Donate to IHWN.org

In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven, a local sanctuary for wolves, wolfdogs, and other exotic friends, is in desperate need of your help this holiday season.  Without a holiday miracle, this refuge will disappear from Central Florida with devastating impact on the more than 80 animals that call these volunteers their family and this property their home.

There are more than 50 wolfdogs waiting for refuge or sanctuary and not enough resources to provide them with a place to go. IHWN is one of three agencies in Florida that works to provide a permanent home to those who cannot transition to a family life and rehoming services for those who can. IHWN also serves other exotic and domestic animals. Humans created the need for this type of agency; humans should create and support the solution. Be a hero – make a difference.

If you can’t donate, share.  Advocates are heroes, too. This amazing place will close unless we can reach people who will help save it. We need everyone’s help – share, and give if you can. When we’re mourning this loss there will be people saying they would have helped if they had known – don’t let that happen. Help spread the word and reach those people now while they can still make a difference.

BE. Orlando is a proud supporter of In Harmony With Nature, contributing advocacy, donations, and volunteer hours.  Join us and help save this amazing local resource.

Update from Kim Kapes, CEO of IHWN, 12/9/2014: Hello Everyone,My apology for a late update. I know you are all wanting to help and support us and I truly do appreciate every one of you! This fundraising effort has been the most challenging thing we have had to do thus far as a charity organization. We work hard to help the animals and we do not look at obstacles as stopping blocks just speed bumps along our path. We have slowly been gaining funds but have not hit the large sum that we need for the short sale offer. After speaking with the real estate agent and preparing all the documents we agreed to start our offer to the bank at $100,000 but must have proof of funds. We do not have that amount. We had been waiting on some grants to come through to help us finalize our goals but just a few days ago we were informed that we would not receive the grants. We are still checking into several other options with folks who may be able to assist us. We have had to pay back taxes on part of the property in order to keep our interest in the land. Everyone who follows us is very special to us and I would ask you all to keep your hearts open to the energy of success for this endeavor. We all have different philosophies and beliefs but if you can keep your thoughts on a peaceful, happy outcome for all of us I believe that it will create a vibration in the Universe to make that happen. We are putting as much action into that outcome as we can and we are grateful you have all joined us on this path. Best Holiday wishes to everyone!


Here’s your hero badge – Share on your social media to show your support for the IHWN family and help their efforts to save this local resource.

Wolf Hero - IHWN.org

Visit IHWN.org and help save their home today.

Make a Difference – yes, you CAN.

UPDATED 12/10/2014

Donate to IHWN.org**URGENT** We are going to run out of time without your help. You must know someone, or some business, who might consider being a major donor to keep the IHWN property open. Please share http://IHWN.org with your network, and ask them to contact us for more information. This is the only resource of its kind in Central Florida. There are more than 50 wolfdogs waiting for refuge or sanctuary and not enough resources to provide them with a place to go. IHWN provides a permanent home to those who cannot transition to a family life and rehoming services for those who can. IHWN also serves other exotic and domestic animals. Humans created the need for this type of agency; humans should create and support the solution. Please be part of it.

In Harmony With Nature (IHWN) is a rescue and sanctuary in our local community for wolves, wolfdogs, and other animals who need specialized care.  They found out that their leased property is being foreclosed, and they need to purchase it to prevent devastating loss for these animals that call IHWN home.

Major donors are needed immediately to help us reach that $130,000 goal.  Every donation is needed, though – we are looking at losing the property and will need every donation to help save and relocate as many of these animals as possible.

Because of humanity’s actions and decisions, these animals need a place where they can be taken care of.  IHWN finds homes when appropriate and offers permanent sanctuary and natural, specialized care to those who cannot transition to home life.  Keep this amazing resource, volunteer opportunity, community education, and animal sanctuary in our local community – please be part of the effort to save this refuge.

The CEO of this organization is a local hero, dedicating her entire life to creating a positive life for creatures that others have neglected, abused, abandoned.  There are many volunteers that have connected and bonded with the animals and who dedicate their time to making a difference. Kim and her entire team is an inspiration, demonstrating what it really means to dedicate yourself to making a positive difference in this world.

That is Team Harmony, and you can be part of it by sharing or posting the flyer below, or making a contribution at http://GoFundMe.com/InHarmony.

If your business, team, group, Meetup, faith/non-faith organization, or other sphere of influence would like to host a fundraising event, let us know.  BE. Orlando will be glad to assist with graphic design, planning, and volunteering to support you. You can reach us directly at BEOrlando@live.com



Click here for a flyer to share!