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Happy Pi Day!

Well, it is late in the day, but we didn’t miss the chance to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day!

At BE. Orlando, we take Pi very seriously – as an opportunity to celebrate math & science, and promote youth interest in STEM. And Pi. And Pie.

IMG_20170311_161927643Our members invested Saturday afternoon on 3/11 in kindness & Pi volunteering at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.  We hosted math & science activities for at-risk youth, including a solar cell experiment, sudoko challenges, Pi bracelet making, and a coding game.  The kids who attended received science back-packs that included fun science-fact books sponsored by the Foundation Beyond Belief, as well as math & science toys, STEM journals, recycling sticker books, Pi Day book marks, and a Pi Day participant certificate.  This was our 5th annual Pi Day volunteer event, and we are so proud of our volunteers and partner organizations for their commitment to making a difference in our community.  And of course, a very important part of this event is the Pi(e) Buffet!

After the event we met up with other members of our group for a (Pi)zza (Pi)e dinner at Lazy Moon – a place we’re definitely going back to!

IMG_20170308_182758779We take Pi Day so seriously that we started celebrating a week early with our (Pi)zza (Pi)e buffet at SafeHouse of Seminole.  Volunteers prepared 50 varieties of pizza for the SafeHouse residents, as well as salad, sides, and an amazing Fruit Pizza Pi dessert!  March 8th was such an important day for us – an opportunity to kick off (Pi)e celebrations as well as having the honor of preparing dinner for SafeHouse on International Women’s Day.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their investment of time, talent, and resources; to the agencies that invite us to make a difference for their residents; to the people we serve who lift our hearts and show us what courage looks like; and to every person who is guided by kindness and compassion to make a positive difference in the world around us.  Thank you, everyone!

What’s up next?  STEM Book Drive & Pulse Anniversary Blood Drive!

logoOur next collaborative STEM impact event is the STEM-themed book drive to combat summer reading loss and support summer reading initiatives in our community.  Learn more at https://stem4youth.wordpress.com/stem-book-drive/.  The final collection will be at the Pulse Anniversary Blood Drive hosted by BE. Orlando and the Central Florida Freethought Community at Target in Oviedo on June 3, 2017 (yes, that’s the 3rd; the Saturday before the actual anniversary weekend – we’ll all want to be at the downtown events that weekend!)  We hope to see you there!



Team photo


E=MC2 for Human Rights

Pi Day is coming, and bringing with it pi day celebrations, pi pun fun, pies, dinners of (Pi)napple (Pi)zza & a (Pi)nt …and Einstein’s birthday (born March 14, 1879).

Equality = Magnanimity x Compassion Squared.

When Einstein became an American citizen in 1940, he immediately began advocating for the Civil Rights movement.  He stated, “As long as I have any choice in the matter, I shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance and equality of all citizens before the law prevail.”  He saw racism as an atrocity, a disease, and said “I will not be silent about it”.  Indeed, he wasn’t.

I mentioned this to someone i greatly respect the other day and he said he hadn’t known about this aspect of Einstein’s contributions, but he wasn’t surprised because Einstein was quite a thinker. And i wasn’t surprised he didn’t know, because history has a way of forgetting heroism, selectively.

Einstein very clearly lived Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s call to action: “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

If alive today, do you think Einstein would be a vocal supporter of the  movements toward equality and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ and the non-theist communities?


  • Was a member of the NAACP
  • Spoke at Lincoln University in 1946, the world’s oldest black university.  Einstein never accepted invitations to speak at universities – but he accepted this one. The student body at that time consisted of 265 men.
  • Corresponded with W.E.B. Du Bois, co-founder of the NAACP, and helped defend him against a federal indictment in 1951.
  • Served as the co-chair of the American Crusade to End Lynching
  • He published an essay called The Negro Question in which he called racism the country’s “worst disease”.  He also stated in that essay: The more I feel an American, the more this situation pains me. I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out…

Further exploration:

LiveScience: 6 Ways Albert Einstein Fought for Civil Rights

The Hidden Half-Life of Albert Einstein: Anti-Racism, article from 2011 in the Journal of the Research Group on Socialism and Democracy

Einstein’s Theory of Equality, from Kindness Blog

Einstein’s Politics, speech by Wells Wulson, Stanford University

Einstein as a Secular Humanistic Jew, Bennett Muraskin, Council of Secular Jewish Organizations

Albert Einstein, Civil Rights Activist, by Ken Gewertz, Harvard Gazette


Thank you, FreeFlo!

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FreeFlo 2015 Conference Service Project

The Florida Humanist Association conference, FreeFlo, hosts a service project that benefits our community each year. This past weekend, BE. Orlando sponsored the project for the third year.

Conference-goers made 50 code bracelet puzzles to include in gift bags at the 2016 Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival for at-risk children in Orlando.  Crafty attendees chose a positive word and then tackled using Morse code to create a puzzle bracelet. Even braver attendees helped by solving the puzzles to ensure there were no mistakes before packaging the gifts in Pi Day sacks with the decoder key and a personal positive message.

Attendees also made $124.00 in donations to help provide additional math and science books and games for the children’s gift bags.  Thank you!!

“This is fun and I feel like I am connecting with a child in need right here” said one bracelet-maker.  Some of those who volunteered to solve the puzzles were amazed at how easy it looked – but wasn’t. “Kids can solve these?”

IMG_20151109_074144178Several people wanted to take a bracelet home to their own child in exchange for a donation – we didn’t have the supplies for that this year, but if we come back next year that will definitely be an option!

Thank you to the conference chairs, David and Jocelyn Williamson, for their commitment to impacting our community.  The FreeFlo conference makes an effort to create this wonderful option each year by including a service project in the vendor area. Having an on-site service project provides attendees a way to have a direct impact as well as inspires them to seek creative ways they can impact their local communities.  There were many discussions about finding and creating ways to engage other Humanist organizations and communities in making a difference.

We are grateful to have been invited once again to serve at this conference – thank you, FreeFlo, and everyone who made bracelets, solved puzzles, made donations, and engaged in empowering, energizing conversations about service.  You ROCK!


Happy Tau Day = 2(Happy Pi Day)

Updated 6/28/15


Update 2016 – view here: Happy Tau Day = 2(Happy Pi Day)

Tau or Pi?  We don’t know.  We DO know that we at BE. have always boisterously celebrated Pi Day, and with the resurgence of attention to the Tau vs. Pi smackdown, we think it appropriate to celebrate over friendly debate and 2(pi)nts.

We had an amazing lunch learning from our friend Swami, a local teacher and math guru.


Whatever your math perspective, we twice toast Pi with you, and hope that you did 6.28 amazing things today!


Planning for Pi Day 2016!


Thank you again (and AGAIN) to our amazing volunteers who invested an afternoon at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida to show children how fun STEM (& pie) can be.

We are excited to announce the date of the 2016 event – March 12th – please mark your calendars to join us!  Read more about this event, including details & photos from the 2015 Festival, and how you can volunteer with or support us on our Pi Day page.

The Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival is an opportunity to engage local at-risk youth in fun activities, games, and experiments that inspire them and let them see how fun math and science can be.


Click here or visit http://JustGottaBE.org/Pi-Day

BE. part of it! 

EPIC Pi Day – Are you ready??

3/14/15 is coming – are you prepared?


Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival – Our annual Pi Day volunteer event at the Coalition for the Homeless.  Volunteers, sponsors, and donations for gift bags are still needed – visit our event site for more information.

Epic Pi Day Dinner – social gathering for geeks, friends of geeks, and lovers of pi and/or pie.  Wear your Pi Day gear and enjoy an informal dinner with friendly folks. Free to attend (self-pay for costs you incur at the restaurant). RSVP here.

SHOPPING – Do you need Pi Day Gear?  Yes.  Yes, you do.

FREE: Pi Day e-cards at 123 Greetings

FreeFlo Conference this weekend

We are looking forward to to the Florida Humanist Association FreeFlo conference this weekend! Come find us in the vendor room – we’ll be hosting a service project, making code bracelets for children that will be used in the gift packs at the Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival in March.

We will also have information about the SRMA Project and other service initiatives.  Donations will be accepted for The Warmies Project and the Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival.

Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss, theoretical physicist, cosmologist, professor and best-selling author as this year’s keynote speaker at the conference.