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Some great events at UCF!

There are some interesting events coming up at the University of Central Florida as part of their annual Diversity Week celebration.  Below are some highlights for our members and followers, but you can find more than 20 opportunities for exploring various aspects of diversity and inclusion next week at http://Diversity.ucf.edu/diversity-week.

For information on parking at UCF, visit http://Parking.ucf.edu 

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Expert Panel: Minorities in the Non-Faith Community

October 20th, 12:30 – 3:30, Cape Florida Ballroom, Student Union

Join national leaders in a discussion about the growing diversity within the secular American community.  For those interested in learning about diversity issues, this is a unique exploration of intersectionality and an opportunity to learn about a growing demographic in our culture and on our campus. Free and open to the public.


Private Dinner with National Secular Leaders

October 20th, 6:00 p.m., Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen

Hosted by the Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC). Spend quality time with the panelists (above) and other local leaders over dinner. This fundraiser will help cover travel costs for the panelists and will support the new scholarship fund being awarded to secular students at UCF in recognition of outstanding volunteerism.

The honored guests are

  • Stephanie Guttormson, a transgender advocate and the Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation
  • David Tamayo, Founder and President, Hispanic American Freethinkers
  • Mandisa Thomas, Founder and President, Black Nonbelievers, Inc.

Seating is limited.  Reserve your spot today: http://cflfreethought.org/dinner

Secular and Religious Minority Awareness Workshop

srma-flyer-smOctober 21, 1:30 – 4:30, Barbara Ying Center

Experience the new format, activities, and discussions in our interactive exploration of the experiences and challenges of secular and minority faith individuals, and how we can each make a difference by creating perspective inclusion in our own spheres of influence.  Free and open to the public  (registration advised; walk-in seating is limited.  The public can register by emailing SRMA-UCF@outlook.com).

UCF Blood Drives presents two events on October 18th

1. Guest Speaker on African American Blood Donation.  October 18, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m., Egmont Key, UCF Student Union

2. Expert Panel: Gay Male Blood Donation

October 18, 1:00 – 2:30, Cape Florida Ballroom, UCF Student Union

Join medical experts and local and national activist in a discussion about the blood donation deferral status for MSM (men who have had sex with other men).   Free and open to the public.


Both events are free and open to the public.

More information: http://Blooddrives-UCF.org/special-event 


Ask an Atheist Day

The third Thursday of April is Ask an Atheist Day.

You may have heard it killed the cat, but the love of learning – human inquisitiveness and the search to understand the world around us – what we call “curiosity” – is essential to our being and to our freedom.  Curiosity is the basis for education, and a means to approach others from a perspective of genuine willingness to connect rather than from a perspective of judgement.


Spearheaded by the national office of the Secular Student Alliance, Ask an Atheist Day falls on the third Thursday of April, promotes respectful conversation, and provides an opportunity for those who have questions … to ask them.

From the Secular Student Alliance: “National Ask An Atheist Day is an opportunity for secular groups across the country to work together to defeat stereotypes about atheism and encourage courteous dialogue between believers and nonbelievers alike. The event is intended to be an opportunity for the general public – particularly people of faith – to approach nontheists and ask questions about secular life.”

Today is a great day for those openly secular to provide opportunities for those around them to ask questions, and for everyone to approach someone who has a different worldview from yours and ask (respectfully) what you have been wondering.  Even if you are a person of non-faith, you may have questions for others who share your perspective.  Open a conversation that can build a bridge across differences, open yourself to understanding new perspectives, and potentially create or strengthen a beautiful friendship.

Common questions that Atheists receive are related to predication of moral and ethical decisions, acceptance of mortality, inspirations for positive and optimistic living, involvement in community and volunteerism, and living without the support of a church community.  Recently someone shared with me that they were asked “What is your favorite part about being an Atheist?”  That was an awesome question.  And probably quite hard to choose a favorite. 🙂

I received a question from someone who wondered how i know to wash my hands after going to the bathroom.  It was a Ring of Gyges question: If you are not taught that someone is watching you, how are you guided to do the right thing?  This is someone misled to believe that human reason and integrity are inadequate (we can go into the Kantian debate another time…) and that humans would be incapable of doing even the simplest things in the right way if we were not told there is someone watching us from outer space who will apply consequences (the Santa Claus theory).  Washing your hands has physical, health benefits both personally and as part of the greater community in the prevention of the spread of disease.

BE. Orlando is committed to promoting the ubiquity of human kindness and compassion, and that the potential for human goodness transcends faith or non-faith perspectives. Secular Americans are increasingly visible in our culture: secularism is the fastest growing faith demographic in the country.  There are nonbelievers among your friends, family, teammates, colleagues, and even faith communities.  You may not know who they are, but they are potentially facing challenges as a marginalized demographic including bullying, discrimination, misunderstanding based on cultural normalization of majority group assumptions, and more.  Take this this day as an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow – and you will be an active part of positive change toward equal inclusion and respect for all Humans.

What is YOUR question? 

You may find you have more in common with other human beings than you knew – even those who hold equally strong commitments to worldviews different from your own.