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Follow-up: World Humanist Day & the Wolves

bannerBE. Orlando celebrated World Humanist Day by hosting a service project:  volunteers brought art and wolves to at-risk children in our community.

The Artist Heroes project of BE. Orlando brings volunteers to work with children decorating custom colouring pages of the residents of In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven and other wolf-art projects.  Participants receive an Artist Hero certificate.

Read the original article, World Humanist Day & the Wolves, for more information.


…to Orion, the ambassador wolfdog puppy, who came to greet the children.  Handler Jane Kerr brought the In Harmony With Nature resident pup and talked to the audience about Orion, wolfdogs, and the sanctuary.  The kids had some great questions and enjoyed meeting a wolfdog in person;

…to Wanda Ortiz, professor of art at UCF, and her graduate students, for teaching techniques in drawing, sketching, and scraping art;

…to the Coalition residents who shared an afternoon with us drawing – and learning about – wolves;

…to the volunteers of BE. Orlando for investing an afternoon to make a difference in people’s lives.

Click here for event photos!

Artist Heroes Project



World Humanist Day & the Wolves


World Humanist Day is celebrated every year on June 21 by declaration of the American Humanist Association and the International Humanist Ethical Union. It is an opportunity for humanists and humanist organizations to celebrate and inform communities about the positive values of Humanism and to share the global concerns of the Humanist movement.

Humanists lead meaningful, ethical lives and add to the greater good of humanity without reliance on or reference to gods or God. They are colleagues, friends, family, leaders, volunteers, service personnel, team mates, celebrities, teachers & mentors, loved ones or strangers.  They are the person at the grocery store who said hello to your adorable baby; the person who let you over in traffic; the old man on the bench in the park feeding pigeons & enjoying the day. Goodness in humans transcends faith perspectives and worldviews. It is a ubiquitous human quality we  demonstrate every time we create positive impact – no matter how small – in the world.

Gavin, Volunteer with Artist Heroes

In honor of World Humanist Day, BE. Orlando is hosting a service project to engage Orlando Humanists and friends of Humanists to demonstrate & celebrate the goodness of all and to have a direct positive impact in our community. We’re bringing our Artist Heroes project to local at-risk children; the kids will draw and color wolves and will learn about the In Harmony With Nature refuge in Orlando and its residents. Each child will receive an Artist Hero certificate.

We hope that wherever you are and whatever your world view or faith/non-faith perspective, you will find a way to honor the goodness in all humans this June, make a positive difference in your community, and genuinely connect with those around you.



FreeFlo Conference sponsors table to inspire love of STEM for local at-risk children!

header bannerThe Florida Humanist Association’s annual conference, FreeFlo, is the only freethought conference in Florida geared toward Humanists, Skeptics, Atheists, and other freethinkers.  It occurs in Orlando in the fall (November 6-8 this year) and features amazing nationally-acclaimed speakers and local and national vendors that represent groups or offer goods or services that enrich the secular community.

This will be the third year FreeFlo organizers have invited BE. Orlando volunteers to host a service project in the vendor area to engage conference attendees in an activity that makes a difference for the Central Florida community, where the conference is hosted.

In 2013 at this conference we did the Positive Postcard Project – writing positive messages to kids in need – as well as signing messages and cards for local teenager & friend of PintClub, Shelby, who had just survived a bone marrow transplant (and is still doing great, by the way!).  In fact, she recently went back to school – read the article here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2014, we hosted the code bracelet project.  Attendees make packets that included hand-made code bracelets with a secret word and Morse code key to be used as gifts in the prize packs for 50 local at-risk children at the Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival. The kids loved them!

donate button 3

In 2015 we are once again hosting the code bracelets – and we have on order special printed pouches with our InsPIre logo for conference attendees to pack with a bracelet, the code key, and a note to inspire kids to explore math, science, and Pi(e). 🙂

Please consider supporting the Festival with a donation to help us include amazing gifts in the children’s gift bags.  Volunteers provide as much as we can, but we would love to have amazing books and other items to give out as well as new activities to engage (and InsPIre!) the kids. (Note this is a third-party volunteer event supporting the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.  Donations are not tax-deductible.)

We are grateful to FreeFlo for being proactive about seeking ways to impact the community and promote and encourage civic engagement.

Visit their conference website, Free-Flo.org, for further information – we hope to see you there!

Volunteer with BE. at the conference

FreeFlo: Volunteers for conference service project

Saturday, Nov 7, 2015, 7:00 AM

5 Awesome People Attending

Check out this Meetup →


• Free-Flo.org

• FreeFlo on Facebook

• Florida Humanist Association

• 2016 Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival

Planning for Pi Day 2016!


Thank you again (and AGAIN) to our amazing volunteers who invested an afternoon at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida to show children how fun STEM (& pie) can be.

We are excited to announce the date of the 2016 event – March 12th – please mark your calendars to join us!  Read more about this event, including details & photos from the 2015 Festival, and how you can volunteer with or support us on our Pi Day page.

The Math, Science, and Pi(e) Festival is an opportunity to engage local at-risk youth in fun activities, games, and experiments that inspire them and let them see how fun math and science can be.


Click here or visit http://JustGottaBE.org/Pi-Day

BE. part of it! 

Thank you, Volunteers!

A shout-out to our Pi Day volunteers inspiring the love of math & science for local at-risk children.   We’ll be posting details & more info soon!! Learn More on our Pi Day page.


Annual Summer Reading BOOK DRIVE!

Updated 4/3/15

WHAT:  Book drive to support K-12 youth in our community

WHEN:  NOW through May 26 (see web page for drop-off location & details)

Please hold book drives in your Meetup groups, neighborhoods, workplaces, families, and other connections.  New and gently-used (gift condition) books only, please.

The annual Summer Reading Book Drive hosted by our local United Way provides books to local at-risk children.  They give them to participants in their June 23 Day of Action literacy event where hundreds of volunteers conduct literacy activities in our community.  They also provide books to summer literacy programs at local shelters and youth programs.

summer book drive

Did you know that in low-income neighborhoods there is an average of one book for every 300 children?  In middle income neighborhoods, there are 13 books for every one child.

Quick Facts on Summer Reading Loss:

  • Students can lose up to 25% of their reading level over the summer.
  • Reading just four books over the summer can prevent the summer slide, and can actually increase reading levels.
  • Price is the number one barrier to book ownership .
  • A recent study found that in middle-income neighborhoods, the ratio of age-appropriate books is 13 books for every child, while in low-income neighborhoods, it’s 1 book for every 300 children.
  • A conservative estimate of lost instructional time is approximately two months or roughly 22% of the school year.

Day of Action


The Heart of Florida United Way coordinates hundreds of volunteers who engage with local schools, shelters, and youth programs conducting literacy activities with at-risk youth.  All of the children receive books at the events that they can take with them – last year every child received five books!

Books from this book drive are also provided to local shelters and youth programs to use throughout the summer as gifts to children and as part of their own summer reading programs.

Day of Action will be on June 23rd in Central Florida.  If you are interested in being one of the volunteers for this day, please contact the Heart of Florida United Way at volunteercenter@hfuw.org for more information.  You can also visit their Day of Action Web page – they will post the events for sign-up closer to the date.