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Veg Fest ROCKED!!


Thank you everyone for an amazing day at Veg Fest!

Make a Difference Day ROCKED!

Ambassador wolfdogs Sirius and Orion spent the afternoon giving lucky wolf-kisses to Veg Fest guests and volunteers from IHWN spent the day colouring with kids and educating people about the local sanctuary.

The blood drive was amazing, too! our blood bus was full all day and our impact was saving 63 lives!

We enjoyed being part of the Secular and Humanist tent community at veg fest – it was great to connect with many people and to spread the word about activism, service, educational, social, and other opportunities for involvement  There was a lot of positive response and many meaningful conversations.  Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello – and we hope to see you at an event soon!



Central Florida Veg Fest in two days!


We’re looking forward to Central Florida Veg Fest on Saturday!


Stop by the Secular and Humanist Community tents (vendor spots 83-87) along the fence at Livingston street.  Meet leaders and members from BE. Orlando, Black Nonbelievers of Metro Orlando, Central Florida Freethought Community, Florida Atheists Critical Thinkers and Skeptics (F.A.C.T.S), Florida Humanist Association Conference (FreeFlo), Generation Atheist, Hispanic American Freethinkers, and the UCF Secular Student Alliance.

Picture2At the Artist Heroes project tent we’ll have wolf pup ambassadors from In Harmony With Nature sanctuary and volunteers from the sanctuary to help with the project!  Stop by and meet a wolf!

Join us on the Big Red Bus for a blood drive!

Secular & Humanist Community Flyer

Humanist Community at Veg Fest!


Humanist Community section * Blood Drive * Make a Difference Day service project

Central Florida Veg Fest | October 24th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Orlando Festival Park (2911 E Robinson Street).
Humanist Community will be at tables 83-87 along the fence at Livingston Street.
See the festival Map.

Updated 10/18/15

Update! Secular & Humanist Community flyer posted. Flyer (jpg)  Our location at the festival will be along the fence at Livingston Street, near the Acoustic Stage.

Update!  The Blood Drive flyers and facebook event are posted.  Please share and help promote the Bus that will be near the entrance – Facebook Event | Flyer (jpg)

Central Florida Veg Fest is one of our favorite events – and this year, it is going to be better than ever!  The 10th Annual Central Florida Veg Fest is on Saturday, October 24th, at Orlando Festival Park, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Central Florida Veg Fest is one of the largest, most well-attended festivals of its kind in the nation.  There are hundreds of vendors – food, beer garden, unique crafts, educational speakers, performance artists, artists corner, animal haven, kids zone, charitable organizations, blood drive, and much more.  And now – a Humanist Community section!

Humanist Community at Central Florida Veg Fest!!!

Picture4Central Florida community of organizations, agencies, and groups for Humanists and secular individuals of all kinds will gather as vendors at a festival. Many of the active local secular groups will be represented.

Come hang out with the local Humanist Community at Veg Fest! We’ll have plenty of chairs, the shade of multiple tents, great folks, a service project celebrating Make a Difference Day, and information about these local activities and groups:

logo banner

Each of the groups has a different focus, such as fun & social, safe-haven, professional, networking, community service, political activism for faith and/or LGBT equality, educational events & conferences, etc. Some of the groups are exclusively of interest to non-believers; others (like BE.) attract members of minority and majority faith perspectives as well. Regardless of your interest (or mere curiosity) we hope you will visit the Humanist Community at Central Florida Veg Fest.

Make A Difference Day – October 24th!


October 24th is Make a Difference Day, a nationwide effort that encourages people to make contributions that improve communities and better lives.

In honor of Make a Difference Day, BE. Orlando will host both a blood drive and an on-site service project for festival attendees.  ARTIST HEROES: Wolves provides uniquely designed pages that make it easy for anyone to draw and color the wolves and wolfdogs at a local sanctuary, raising awareness for the sanctuary and encouraging creative artistry. Participation in the service day project is free, so come by and see what we have going on this year!

The Big Red Bus will be near the entrance. You can make an appointment in advance to avoid wait times, or simply stop by the bus before or after enjoying the festival.

This is a great opportunity for the community to learn about local secular resources, explore involvement opportunities, or just say hello and get to know some pretty awesome people. See you there?


BE. and PintClub will be at Veg Fest!

Join us at the Central Florida Veg Fest!

Find the BE. Orlando tent to get information or sign up for volunteer and social activities.  Learn about how you can participate in or support our Math, Science, and Pi(e) festival for homeless children, collections of hand-made cozy-warmies for local shelters (The Warmies Project ™), Blood Drives (PintClub.org), needs and fundraising drives, volunteer events, diversity initiatives, coastal cleanup day activities, and more.

Picture8We will be taking donations to support a local wolf and wolf-dog refuge that is in critical need of assistance to prevent losing its property which would result in devastating loss for the animals that call this sanctuary home.  Photos of the animals and some framed prints will be available.   Learn more HERE.

Saturday, October 25, 2014 • 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Orlando Festival Park

2911 E. Robinson Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Photo: 2014 Earth Day Booth