Secular Voting

Resources for Secular Voters

We encourage our members and our community to VOTE.  Your voice can only be heard if you speak.  You are empowered to influence our country only if you act.    You can make  difference, only if you choose to BE involved.

There are two parts to voting:

  1. Educate yourself about the candidates and issues
  2. VOTE

BE. for Clinton

What inspires others to respect a person of any gender identity or expression should be the way their words and actions uplift others and make the world a better place.  The benchmarks of a person of integrity should be compassionate action and making a positive difference. Small people hate, are angry, and blame others; it takes character and strength to be kind, focus on the good, and be solution oriented.  Integrity does not intimidate.

Reinforcing obsolescent binary gender roles that diminish human value hurts everyone. Condoning not only misogyny but also homophobia, racism, and xenophobia is unacceptable.  In a nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, our focuses should be community and inclusion: standing shoulder-to-shoulder working to make our country a better place.  Those who stand and serve together are already great.

Normalization of gender inequity is detrimental and dangerous, and glamorizing unevolved notions of masculinity puts us at increased risk of harm. Some women forget that men can be stronger than us, a threat to us. Some never will. Many who suffer PTSD or other residual effects of abuse, assault, or other bullying are worrying to the point of feeling ill that the nation will validate the actions of predators by electing one to the highest office in the nation.

Trump openly displays microagressions like facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. He employs tactics like hovering, looming, following, interrupting, derogatory comments, condescension, degrading language, blaming, shaming, and yelling. When we intentionally try to devalue others we only devalue ourselves. What are we telling the young generation in America if we say those behaviors are the marks of the greatest leader in America?

When your daughter’s boss, Mr. Biff, “grabs her pussy”, will you tell her that’s okay because he has power over her, and she should let him do anything he wants?  Whether a person’s power over another comes from wealth, physical strength or appearance, social position, intelligence, elected office, or other balance-swayer, it comes with responsibility.  Trump has demonstrated that he cannot handle authority or responsibility.

Don’t vote for base entertainment.  Vote for leadership.

Hillary stands with us in support of true religious freedom, which can only be rooted in the clear separation of church and state. She stands with us in the continuous struggle for gender equity and the rights of women and LGBTQ+ Americans. She stands with us for the protection of reproductive health care and essential organizations like Planned Parenthood. She stands with us in defense of our ecosystem and believes in reason and science.  She has a track record of demonstrated leadership (read more here) that shows her commitment to the American people.  she is the clear choice in this election.


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