Secular Resources

Being a secular individual in our culture can sometimes mean a lack of community, an absence of peers for ourselves and our children, and gaps in resources.  Faith-biased organizations and individuals don’t always provide secular-friendly solutions or comfort.

While professionalism more and more is characterized by faith-neutral respect for all people, there are still times when the non-religious can feel marginalized and even preyed on by those who would use the misfortune of others to opportunistically proselytize.

As a minority often misunderstood and even discriminated against, persons of non-faith seeking sincere, genuine assistance can be blindsided by devaluing words and behavior from those we had hoped would help.

We understand.  Here are some resources that might help you navigate to friendly waters.  Here in Central Florida, there is a rich network of non-faith leaders, communities, and resources.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Active Secular Communities in Central Florida

Other group lists for Florida

Secular Services and Businesses


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