Group Policies

BE. Orlando Non-Discrimination Statement
BE. Orlando does not engage in or tolerate discrimination, marginalization, bullying, exclusion, negative treatment, or other means of devaluing individuals based on race, ethnicity, religion or non-religion, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation, ability, veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, height, weight, marital status, and any other identity that may require protection.

Advocacy for Members
BE. Orlando leaders are your Ally. Within our group and with organizations where we volunteer we can address mistreatment based on faith or non-faith, sexual orientation or gender expression, or any other diversity demographic facing potential marginalization and discrimination.

Respect for Faith and Non-Faith Diversity
BE. Orlando is an Atheist-managed secular Humanist organization. Some of our events and activism are secular themed and/or in partnership with other members of the Orlando Coalition of Reason; some are simply secular (no faith/non-faith reference). All BE. events align with Humanist values and focus on making a positive difference in the world.

We do not ask about members’ perspectives. We welcome members of the faith community to join us – serving our community together builds bridges across our differences, and together we can achieve more. Members of all faith and non-faith perspectives will be welcomed and respected at our events.

Smoking Policy
It is the policy of BE. Orlando Humanist Fellowship to prohibit smoking, to include cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other forms of smoking, at all organization events in order to provide and maintain a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for all members, guests, and affiliates.

Non-Solicitation Policy

While we welcome partnerships, collaborations, and sponsors that enhance our mission and service to our members and our community, the online resources, meetings, and activities of BE. Orlando are not to be used to solicit for professional services, advertise other Meetup organizations or business, or to promote any products, services, or events.  Proselytization, and other religious promotion or aggression, is covered under this policy.

Members are welcome use the message board on Meetup to participate in or initiate discussions about our events or topics that interest members and align with our mission. Inappropriate discussions may be removed.

Members or guests who violate this non-solicitation policy may be removed from the event or from the group.

No Show & SUBO policy

“No Show” means a member signed up for an event and does not show up at the event.

“SUBO” stands for “Sign Up Back Out”.  This means a member signed up for an event and reversed their RSVP (gave notice they could not attend) without giving adequate time for event leaders to accommodate the change in numbers or to find a replacement.

Your RSVP for an event is a commitment to attend; we will be expecting you, counting on you, and depending on your contribution of time and/or supplies. Those who RSVP and don’t show up create more work for others, impact the clients and partners we serve, damage the credibility of our group, and potentially impact our ability to host future events with that partner agency.

Members with no-show records may not be automatically removed from the group (see removal policy below); however, they may be asked to re-confirm attendance for future RSVPs and may be removed from events where we need to know the numbers in advance such as volunteer events or events where we have by-seat reservations. No-shows and SUBOs will be recorded by the event host. Some events may have a specified RSVP notice rule.  Late arrival may count as a no-show.

Online Profile Genuineness
Those who choose to join our member site agree to have a real photo of themselves as their profile picture.

Removal from Group
Members may be removed from this group by the group leader at any time with or without cause. Issues will be addressed privately to seek resolution, but continued issues may warrant removal. Examples may include harassment of members, inappropriate behavior at events, non-compliance with policies, habitual sign-ups/back-outs or no-shows, etc. Egregious offenses may warrant immediate removal.

Invitation for members to host events
The more our members get involved by suggesting ideas and providing creative events, the better our group will be.

Members are invited to propose, design, plan, implement, and host events for this group.  Events must align with our focus of engaging the secular community in volunteerism and providing a supportive environment for non-theistic citizens. If you would like the ability to post events that support and align with our mission, please contact us for details and responsibilities.  These include:

  • Arriving at the event early
  • Providing guidance, direction, and coordination for the event
  • Ensuring the event follows BE. Orlando policies
  • Taking attendance and filling out the event report
  • Take and post photos (withing guidelines given by charity representative)
  • Serving as the leader and advocate for attending members
  • Thanking the agency and the volunteers
  • Staying until all members have left the event

Board of Directors
BE. Orlando Humanist Fellowship shall have a Board of Directors. The Board shall consist of three to six organization members who shall serve in accordance with the board agreement. Board members shall serve a renewable term of two years. Members will be nominated by another board member. A member may recommend themselves or another member who is interested in the position to be nominated. A majority vote of the board is needed to elect a member and to renew a term.

Regular Board meetings will be held at least quarterly and will be called by the organizational director. Additional meetings may be called by any board member. Additional meetings may be held by conference call or online. Regular meetings will be held in person.

Among the Board there shall be a president (the organizational director) and three to six additional members of the Board who will function in roles as needed and agreed upon by the board, and as comply with the Board Agreement.

Members interested in joining the board should contact the group organizer directly.  The Board Agreement and other documents will be provided for your review.

Meet Our Board

Financial Income: Use and Transparency
Financial records shall be transparently recorded and maintained.  An annual report summary will be posted on our website for public review.  Supporting documentation is available upon request.

Any grant monies or other group income intended to support programs, initiatives, and other charitable causes will be used only for the intended program, initiative, or other charitable cause. Members (including group and event leaders) may be reimbursed for financial support they advanced to the extent that reimbursement is part of the grant/donation agreement, but may not profit or individually benefit from any such organizational income.

Responsibilities of members and leaders, and Waiver of Liability
We care about your safety and wellness, but we are not responsible for it.

Waiver of Liability: Members shall read and agree to our Liability Waiver before engaging in any activities.

Member Responsibility: Members attending events are responsible for their own safety, the safety of any equipment they use, and the safety of any minors attending an event with them, and the safety (and actions) of any animals they bring. Members are required to report any concerns immediately to BE. event leader and/or to the agency representatives on site.

Minors: Guests age 18 and over are considered members or guest members at any event. Members and guests under the age of 18 must have guardian consent to attend and, depending on the event, may be restricted from attending or required to have the presence of a sponsoring adult throughout the event.

Personal costs: Members and guests are responsible for any charges they personally incur (examples include their own meal and drinks, or their own kayak rental, etc.).

Pets: Members and guests bringing animals to pet-friendly events will ensure the pets are current in vaccinations, comply with all requirements and laws (such as leashes), and will only bring animals who are comfortable with the type of event.

Supervisory acknowledgment: Members will follow guidance from event leaders including BE. Orlando and agency representatives and will follow all guidelines and requirements for events.

Alcohol policy: Members drinking alcohol at events are responsible for remaining within legal limits or have a designated driver. Members drinking alcohol at alcohol-free events will be asked to leave. Members under the age of 21 are not permitted to drink alcohol and BE. Leaders reserve the right to check identification of any and all members to ensure compliance. A member who notifies a BE. Leader that they are unable to drive will be assisted to the best of the leader’s ability, to include assistance in locating a driver, taxi/uber, or other appropriate resources.  Any member may request, without giving reason, that an event be designated alcohol-free (including events where we meet at restaurants that serve alcohol).   Such requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Report to Authorities: BE. leaders and agency leaders are obligated to report legal transgressions to the appropriate authorities immediately. These include but are not limited to impaired driving, underage consumption of alcohol, threat of injury to persons or property, etc.

Privacy Policy

BE. Orlando collects information voluntarily provided and stores member lists on both Meetup and MailChimp.  This may include email addresses provided by members at our events, through Meetup, or directly through our MailChimp sign-up form.  (View MailChimp’s privacy policy). Member emails are used to distribute our monthly newsletter and other communications to the group. They are not released or shared in any way beyond BE. Orlando and our national partner, the American Humanist Association (AHA).  AHA may use these email addresses to send an annual invitation for membership to the national organization.

Note: While we will not sell, share, or otherwise release member information, records may be released if the organization is legally required to do so.

special case:  When we volunteer at secure shelters and facilities, we may need more specific information that will be released only to the shelter staff responsible for conducting public records checks on volunteers.  Such information may include full name as it appears on state identification and home address; these will not be used or shared in any other way.

Event Photos
Some venues may restrict photo taking to the event leader, or may restrict photos altogether. The BE. Orlando event leader will let you know if it is okay to take photos. Otherwise, the event leader will take all photos.

Any photos taken at events may be used by BE. Orlando for marketing on social media, websites, graphics, and publications. Photos may also be released to the benefiting agency for their use.

Photos help us show the success of our events and let new members know what our events are like – so we take them. Any member requesting to be left out of photos will be respected, with no questions asked. Any member wanting a photo of themselves or dependent deleted from our site or social media should contact BE. leadership directly and the image will be removed.

Our affiliation with the Foundation Beyond Belief includes them sharing our photos on their national social media. This policy does not cover FBB photo sharing; such consent is part of the sign-in process at each event. Members who decline may be asked to step out of a group photo (we can always take two; one for FBB and one for our local sites).

Cross-Posting Events with other Groups
If an event posted on our calendar is free and open to the public (such as a festival like Central Florida Earth Day) then you can certainly share that event with other Meetups and networks.

However, if the event was organized by BE. Orlando leaders, discuss with Tee before cross-posting. If it is appropriate and we have the space and resources to accommodate, we would absolutely invite collaboration.

For BE.-Organized events, the member authorized by the group organizer to cross-post the event takes responsibility for updating the partner group posting with all information needed by those who are interested in attending. They will ensure that RSVP numbers are split in space-limited events (such as removing five slots on BE. to add five slots to FACTS). They will answer questions from members. They will communicate changes to dates/times/locations, share comment items relevant to attendees, update other event information, re-share the event if the date is changed, communicate details to RSVPs on the partner group, etc.  They also take responsibility for the event report and serving as a leader for the event.

Free consultation and assistance for partner groups
If you are a member of BE. and run another meetup or group, that group is a partner.

We’re glad to help partner groups set up volunteer activities just for your members or simply help you connect with the right people at local non-profits, help to transport if you host needs drives in your groups or at your place of business, provide diversity workshops/talks to your businesses about secular and religious minority awareness and respect, and more. Contact Tee for more information about how we can partner together to make the world a better place.


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