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Many of us have taken advantage of early voting, but if you haven’t please make sure to get to the polls.  For those of you seeking secular community voter guides, they can be difficult to find.  A search brings up sadly outdated information and i apologize for not seeing this earlier.  For the next election, we will provide a list of active, updated secular / human rights values voter resources to help you with your personal research on issues and candidates.

October Highlights

With the changes to the 2nd Wednesday dinners at SafeHouse, we need a minimum of 7 volunteers committed to attend in order to host the event.  We were not able to provide the Super Spooky Supper or the Fall Feast this year. Can you serve with us for the Winter Wonderland Feast on Dec 12?  Sign up here:

As we look toward the holidays, please remember that this season becomes a time of togetherness, happiness, giving, and making great memories.  FOR SOME.  For others, this is the most difficult time of year.  Please be supportive of those around you and find creative and meaningful ways to expand your kindness footprint. Whether you are volunteering, donating, or just making a stranger smile, the positive difference you make in the world matters now more than ever.

STE{A}M Toy Drive

BE. Orlando will host our annual Holiday STE{A}M Toy Drive.  As you’re shopping in advance for gifts & great deals, please keep our toy drive – or any toy/supply drive – in mind.  Our primary beneficiary will be the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.

Please collect in your groups, workplaces, and at events.  The site will have a flyer that you can post – please check the link below next weekend.  We need STEM-related toys and books for children of all ages (0-18), gifts for men and women, and supplies for the Coalition (non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, underwear, diapers, socks).

As always, pick-up services are available, December 8 – 15th.  Please email to arrange a pick-up at your Orlando-area place of business.

The last day for donating to our drive is Saturday, December 15th.   Saturday, 12/15/18, is our Elfing Day (BE’s annual holiday gift delivery to a charity/charities).

RSVP for the group Elfing Day Breakfast:

Site (will be updated this week with more info):

Chaplain Report

View the 2-year report of tee’s activities as Humanist Chaplain here: 

Membership Confirmations

If you haven’t yet, please confirm your  membership: 

Upcoming Events – November

RSVP & Details:

  • Please plan to give to the toy drive – that’s our next event for the year
  • 11/21 Recovering From Religion Peer Support Group

Special Days in November

Founding DatesSecular Student Alliance (21st, 2001)

  • 11/6 Florida General Election – November 6th – Find more information at
  • 11/8 National STEM Day – Celebrated on November 8th – A day meant to inspire youth interest in STEM activities and careers. Inspired by the Project Mc² brand, created by MGA Entertainment, the S.T.E.A.M.- based franchise features four super smart girls who are part of a super-secret spy organization called NOV8 (that’s “innovate”).
  • 11/10 International Science Center and Science Museum Day – a yearly, global event on November 10th illustrating the impact and reach of all the world’s science centers and science museums.  Learn more
  • 11/12 Veteran’s Day – In 1918, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in World War I, then known as “the Great War.” Nov 11th became a national holiday in 1938. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF) and other organizations and individuals remind us to honor ALL veterans.  People who serve our country are of all faith and non-faith perspectives.
  • 11/13 World Kindness Day – Observed on November 13th, it is an international observance  introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement a coalition of nations kindness NGOs.  Learn more from the World Kindness Movement or visit
  • 11/15 National Philanthropy  Day – Celebrated annually on November 15, this day is a signature event of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).  Philanthropy means the love of humankind; this day celebrates people of the world who come together to both (1) put that word into action and (2) recognize the change that word has brought to our communities. Learn more:
  • 11/17 Family Volunteer Day – On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the Points of Light Foundation kicks off the holiday spirit of giving with a day of service that celebrates the power of families who work together to support their communities and neighborhoods. Volunteering is a great way for kids and adults to bond, make new friends, develop compassion for their neighbors, and even pick up a new skill or two! Learn more at Points of Light
  • 11/23 Fibonacci Day – November 23 is celebrated as Fibonacci day because when the date is written in the mm/dd format (11/23), the digits in the date form a Fibonacci sequence: 1,1,2,3. A Fibonacci sequence is a series of integers where a each is the sum of the two preceding it. What a great day to engage youth in pattern activities using the Fibonacci numbers, including tile square puzzles and spiral building.
  • 11/22 Thanksgiving – Although having roots in religious traditions as a time to give thanks to a supernatural entity for the harvest, this is celebrated as a secular holiday as well. It is celebrated in many countries including America, Canada, Germany, Japan, Liberia, and some Caribbean islands.  In America, it is traced to a feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts, held in thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and is celebrated on the third Thursday in November.   Secular celebrations of Thanksgiving – as well as those with a table of diverse family and friends of different cultures or worldviews – seek inclusive, secular graces and prayers.  Visit our Secular Gratitude site to see our collection.
  • Church State Separation Week – declared by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and American Atheists, the week following Thanksgiving celebrates the separation of church and state and inspires activism.  Information and Resources

October photo of the month

These two kittens, being cared for by Bacco’s Cats, are seeking their FURever home.  Contact if interested. Share if you can.twins in tuxedos


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