BE. Inspired – September Newsletter

August Highlights & News

This past month a new Recovering from Religion chapter was formed in Orlando!  The Peer Support and Discussion Group is now an official RfR group.  You will still find the meetings posted on our meetup, or you can join the RfR meetup: 


Membership Confirmations

Thanks to everyone who has updated their new member profile & confirmed their membership in BE. Orlando.  Congrats to the gift card winners*, Eric, Cristel, Kathleen, David, Michael, Christen, Jane, Amanda, Rebekah, and John.  Be on the lookout for your mystery gift card! 🙂

Confirm your membership here: 

*no financial contribution was required; entry was free. Names were drawn at random from survey entries received by the 8/15/18 deadline. Winners will be contacted at the email provided in their entry form.  Prizes can be mailed or picked up at a BE. Orlando event based on the recipient’s choice.  Questions can be directed to

Upcoming Events – September

RSVP & Details:

  • 9/1 Second Harvest Food Bank (Thanks, volunteers!)
  • 9/5 Last day to RSVP for SafeHouse on 9/12
  • 9/9 Serve lunch at Ronald McDonald House
  • 9/12 Serve dinner at SafeHouse
  • 9/16 CFFC Event: Park Cleanup
  • 9/19 Recovering from Religion Peer Support Group
  • 9/22 Volunteers need for St. Jude walk at Fun Spot
  • 9/24 United Way Change Maker Awards

October- Preview!

In October we begin our Holiday Trio of SafeHouse dinners:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter Wonderland.  Because we serve on the second Wednesday we are often the first holiday meal for each of those celebrations. We need YOU to join in and help set the tone for a fun holiday season.  RSVP at 

If you haven’t done the meal serve certification yet, it takes just 10-15 minutes and is easy to do online – or we can meet by phone & walk through it together.  Find it here: 

Special Days in September

To learn more about these dates, visit our Humanist Calendar

BirthdaysMichael Shermer (8th, 1954), Greydon Square (28th, 1981)

Founding DatesBE. Orlando (2nd, 2011)

  • 9/3 – Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September. It was originated by labor unions to create a holiday for workers.
  • 9/11 – National Day of Service and Remembrance Visit to find information, resources, and engagement opportunities on this important day of remembering the strength of community.  Did you know that was founded by people who lived near the Twin Towers, and wanted to create an online tool to help people come together in our communities?  We are proud to host our event calendar on Meetup and we honor the intent of Meetup and the initiatives of our nation by encouraging our members to reflect and to volunteer on this day.
  • 9/15 – International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD) is held annually in September by the Ocean Conservancy.  ICCD engages volunteers around the world in waterway cleanups and data collection.  To find a project, visit the interactive project map. or
  • 9/19 Talk Like a Pirate Day –  “ARRRR me hearties!” and the like. Learn more:  Our celebration of TLAPD goes back to the days long before BE was founded, when we ran amok with a kayak group called FOCK (Florida Outdoor Camping & Kayak) which later became FLOAT (Florida Outdoor Adventure Troupe). We had kayak pirate adventures – including more than 50 kayaks with pirate flags & kids & adults dressed as pirates on one of our TLAPD events. Later we began using a pirate theme for our blood donor group, PintClub, and our International Coastal Cleanup Day events.  We may not be much into the pirate events these days, but we be havin’ swashbucklin’* fun for true, savvy?  And in the words of the founders of TLAPD: It’s fun, so why not?
    • Swashbuckle. verb. 1. engage in daring adventures with ostentatious bravado or flamboyance. 2. to jump off stuff and laugh.
  • 9/20 Ask an Atheist Day is an opportunity for secular groups and individuals to work together to defeat stereotypes about Atheism and encourage courteous dialogue between believers and nonbelievers.   You can find images to use on your social media at
  • 9/21 World Gratitude Day was officially started by the United Nations Meditation Group in 1977.  There are references indicating that it was started at a dinner party in Hawaii in 1965, and later brought to the meditation group, thus eventually becoming official.  World Gratitude Day is meaningful to Humanists because mindful living and appreciation of the good have personal, mental, professional, physical, and cultural benefits.  However, for many people of faith, the practice of gratitude is related specifically to the supernatural, and people of non-faith become stigmatized as being unable to feel or express complex human experiences and emotions like Gratitude.  Learn more about Secular Gratitude and find examples of secular reflections and graces at (a project of BE. Orlando)
  • 9/21 World Peace Day is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.  Learn more at
  • 9/23-29 Banned Book Week, hosted by the Banned Books Week Coalition, is a national alliance of diverse organizations joined by a commitment to increase awareness of the annual celebration of the freedom to read.
  • 9/25 Math Storytelling Day is a great opportunity to engage youth (and adults) in the story of Mathematics.  Read together about the history of mathfamous mathematicians (especially women and minorities).  Read Flatland, the Fantasia Mathematica, the Sir Cumference Series, and other beautiful math-based stories. Engage in math word puzzles and logic games. It all adds up to fun!

Here’s a math story for you:

August Photo of the Month

We were seriously rocking those hair nets, right?



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