BE. Inspired – August Newsletter

VOTE – Florida Primary Election.

The last day to register to vote was at the end of July; for those who are registered, the election is on August 28th.  If you have a mail-in ballot, it must be in the mail by August 23rd.

Gift Card Drawing extension! 

Fill out the new member profile by August 15th and you will be entered for a chance to win* a gift card (10 prizes with values from $5 to $50).

Update your member profile here: 

*no financial contribution is required; entry is free. Names will be drawn at random from qualified survey entries (those entered in the month of July) in the third week of August, extended by two weeks from the initial proposed date.  Winners will be contacted at the email provided in their entry form.  Prizes can be mailed or picked up at a BE. Orlando event based on the recipient’s choice.  Questions can be directed to

July Highlights & News

July was a little slow for events, but it still rocked!

We hosted a presentation on Secular Volunteerism for our friends at the Humanist Community of the Space Coast and Brevard Area Atheists and participated in the Secular Leadership Summit, organized by the Central Florida Freethought Community.

The highlight of the month was definitely bringing several humongous Lazy Moon pizzas and salads & side dishes to SafeHouse for our meal serve – we couldn’t even get them through the door without tilting them!  The kids were delighted.  🙂

Upcoming Events – August

RSVP & Details:

  • 8/8 SafeHouse dinner
  • 8/11 Ronald McDonald House lunch
  • 815 Recovering From Religion peer support group

September – Preview!

  • 9/1 Second Harvest Food Bank
  • 9/9 Ronald McDonald House lunch
  • 9/12 SafeHouse dinner
  • 9/19 Recovering From Religion peer support group
  • 9/22 St. Jude Walk to End Childhood Cancer (volunteers)
  • 9/24 Change Maker Awards

Special Days in August

To learn more about these dates, visit our Humanist Calendar

BirthdaysJames Randi (7th, 1928): David Silverman (13th, 1966); Robert Ingersoll (11th, 1833; d. 1899)

Founding Dates:  Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC) (31st, 2012)

  • 8/5 National Friendship Day – did you know that Meetup was founded by some friends in New York not long after the 9/11 terrorist attacks?  They wanted to build an online platform facilitating in-person community building so that people could connect with one another.  There’s no better way to meet others who share your values & create great friendships than to volunteer together.  Thank you to everyone for being part of our little Meetup group. 🙂
  • 8/10/2018 – Palindrome WEEK!  A palindromic number is similar to a lexical palindrome – they are the same forward and backward.  A palindrome date, when written in a certain format, appears as a palindromic number.  For example 8102018 (8/10/2018).  All the days in the week Aug 10-19 are Palindrome Days.  And don’t forget August 1st – 8/1/18.   Palindrome dates this century: 
  • 8/11 – Ingersol Day – celebrating the life and contributions to Freethought of Robert Green Ingersol.  “We rise by lifting others” ~ Robert Ingersol
  • 8/19 – World Humanitarian Day – The  sixty-third session of the UN General Assembly designated 19 August as World Humanitarian Day.  August 19th is the anniversary of a terrorist attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad. The day honors those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and those who continue to bring assistance and relief to millions.  It also seeks to educate the public about global humanitarian needs and the importance of international cooperation to address these needs.  Learn more:
  • 8/23 – Last day to mail your ballots if you are voting by mail.
  • 8/26 – Katherine Johnson’s 100th Birthday.  Johnson is an African-American mathematician hired by NASA in 1964. Her calculations of orbital mechanics were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. manned spaceflights. Learn more:
  • 8/28 – Florida Primary Election –  Find more information at

July Photo of the Month

Thank you to the Brevard Area Atheists and Humanist Community of the Space Coast for their hospitality & a great discussion about secular volunteerism!


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