BE. Inspired – July Newsletter

Gift Card Drawing in July!

NEW!  We have updated our member welcome process, and current members will be asked over the coming months to update their registration.  Anyone who fills out the registration form in July will be entered for a chance to win* a gift card (10 prizes with values from $5 to $50).

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*no financial contribution is required; entry is free. Names will be drawn at random from qualified survey entries (those entered in the month of July) in the first week of August.  Winners will be contacted at the email provided in their entry form.  Prizes can be mailed or picked up at a BE. Orlando event based on the recipient’s choice.  Questions can be directed to

June Highlights & News

IMG_20180616_192840247_HDRWe hope you had an amazing June, and that you took the opportunity to eat twice the pie on Tau Day.  🙂

June was an amazing month of service that included volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, the Mustard Seed, and Second Harvest Food Bank in addition to the monthly meal serve and support group meetups.

The highlight of June HAD to be wading in thigh-deep muddy water & ankle-deep muck around a marshy island in the middle of Lake Jessup – during alligator mating season – to stabilize a shoreline with Seminole County SERV!

Special blog post in June:  Speaking up on Dangerous Isms


Upcoming Events – July

RSVP & Details:

  • 7/1 Secular Volunteerism presentation
  • 7/11 SafeHouse Meal Serve
  • 7/16 Humanist Peer Support & Discussion Group
  • (Pending 21st or 28th) Volunteer at the Mustard Seed warehouse

Special Days in July

To learn more about these dates, visit our Humanist Calendar

Founding date: American Atheists, 1963

  • 7/4 – Jesse Ventura, a Minnesota politician and activist for the right to freedom and from religion, declared July 4, 2002, “Indivisible Day” in recognition of the need for the separation of church and state- necessary for people of all worldviews to coexist in harmony. The day is still recognized by some as Indivisible Day; “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL”.
  • 7/8 – Math 2.0 Day – celebrates math as the foundation of science and technology.  First celebrated in 2009.
  • 7/11 – (United Nations) World Population Day.  2018 theme: Family Planning is a Human Right.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 International Conference on Human Rights, where family planning was for the first time globally affirmed to be a human right.  Read More.
  • 7/18 – (United Nations) Nelson Mandela International Day
  • 7/20 – Moon Landing Day – in 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon on this day.
  • 7/22 – Pi Approximation Day or “Casual Pi Day” is held on July 22 (22/7) signifying the fraction 7/22 as an estimation of Pi.  While this only works in countries where the month precedes the day in standard format, it is a good day to share approximately three pints with friends or casually consume pi(e). 🙂
  • 7/30 – (United Nations) International Day of Friendship

June Photo of the Month

Oh yes we DID!  From the airboat ride to the lake muck caked in our clothes, the shoreline work with Seminole County SERV was definitely an epic volunteer adventure!


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