International Volunteer Day

A note from a dear stranger, a distant friend*, on the other side of the globe, gave a reminder to acknowledge local heroes on this International Volunteer Day (IVD).

This is a day to celebrate those who make a difference in their communities around the world.  We applaud you – Whether you save lives by donating blood, donate hours in service to causes in your area, work toward local, national, or global change, or simply expand your kindness footprint daily in personal ways to uplift others around you. It matters.

The 2016 IVD theme is #GlobalApplause: Give Volunteers a Hand.  We applaud our members and our partner organizations for their commitment to making a difference, such as the Central Florida Freethought Community for adopting a park and supporting the STEM Toy Drive. & blood drive this coming Saturday. THANK YOU for the impact you have through volunteerism and through the kindness you share. You make the world a better place!

From the United Nations:

On IVD, we not only celebrate volunteerism in all its facets – but also pay special tribute to people’s participation in making a difference locally, nationally and globally. IVD highlights the contribution of volunteers in engaging people from the grass-roots in decision-making processes, ultimately creating space for participation that leads to: stronger governance, social cohesion, peace and sustainable development.

On 5 December join us in recognizing the commitment of all volunteers, and applaud hundreds of millions of people who volunteer to make change happen.

* That note came from John Iriri, leader of the Blood Donor Community in Kenya, who has been a treasured connection in the network of blood donor advocates around the world and a hero to many.  Thank you, John, for your continued leadership, inspiration, and encouragement!  Follow his donor community’s lifesaving journey on twitter, @DonorCC




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