Caped Volunteers & a Spooky Super Supper

We can’t believe it is the holiday season already, but we are READY.  In October, November, and December we make holiday-themed meals at our second wednesday chef adventure.

Last night the season began with superhero volunteers preparing a creative “spooky super supper” buffet for the residents at SafeHouse of Seminole. Spider dogs, mummy dogs, mashed potato graveyard, string cheese witches’ brooms, and spooky fruits & veggies complimented a pasta dinner with field greens salad. The most important part (dessert) included witch hat cookies, dirt & worm cups, and Halloween cupcakes.

fd74866f-4fad-4feb-82fa-3b8ff8aca046_1-b59b0ce7273dce3a2c6f126dc0184534Special thanks to the kids at SafeHouse who not only put up with our caped volunteers’ silly spooky shenanigans, but even joined in dancing and singing with the animated musical “who let the dogs out” halloweiner pup.

As the season of giving begins, think about creative ways that you can impact the lives of others in your community.   You’re not just preparing a dinner or hosting a needs drive, you are investing your time to make a positive difference in the world.  Volunteers lighten burdens, uplift hearts, and create light and joy.

Thank you to our BE. Orlando volunteers for BEing involved, and to everyone who invests the time to make a difference.





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