BEing involved: Giving, Volunteering after Matthew


Our community is comprised of giving, civic-minded, compassionate people, and many of you will be looking for ways to help those in need after this tragic storm.

Make sure your donations are being used impactfully and meaningfully by using Charity Navigator and other means of verifying & vetting programs.  Here are some links to help:


crisis-logoFoundation Beyond Belief – Disaster Response Efforts

The Foundation Beyond Belief will be launching a Hurricane Matthew funds drive within the next week and may even launch a Humanist Response Team to Haiti.  You can find details HERE.

Building Community: Volunteer

jointoday4-MeetupAfter every disaster and major storm, we reflect on our connection to those around us. is a community-centered event management site where groups of like-minded people share events and fellowship. Meetup was established after 9/11 in an effort to use the internet to bring people together.  It is about community.

If you are a member of a Meetup in an area impacted by Matthew, see if you can post a help-your-neighbor event to come together and help each other with cleanup efforts, or help elderly, disabled, or other individuals in your area.

You might also consider contacting shelters in your local area – homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, animal rescues – to see if they need anything specific after the storms.  I remember in 2004, the greyhound rescue in Sanford flooded after Charlie. They were in desperate need of replacement carpeting to line the kennel floors and other supplies; volunteers like YOU went to Home Depot and other stores, as well as seeking private donations, and filled all of the needs within days.  If there is a charitable agency you’re passionate about in your area, contact them and ask what they need.

Offer to help a neighbor.  Check in with your family and friends.  Donate blood. Volunteer.

211-logoAnd if you need help, dial 2-1-1 (works like 9-1-1).   The United Way 2-1-1 help line is a 24/7 resource to help connect you with aid, agencies, and assistance.  Whatever your situation, they can help.





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