Today we are grateful for those who have given their time and resources to make the world a better place. We also highlight a call to action: there is a need for acts of compassion that alleviate suffering. More than 130 people around the world live in crisis and need humanitarian efforts in order to survive.  Right here in our community, 1 in 6 Central Floridians struggle with hunger. Did you know that the Coalition for the Homeless shelters an average of 200 children a night?  In the words of Edward Bok, “Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful for having lived in it.”  Whose life will you impact today?

Plan a service project this weekend, donate blood, join a volunteer group, or just take some time to learn about hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, and other issues in our community and around the world and consider how YOU can make a difference.

World Humanitarian Day celebrates the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe.  It recognizes those who face danger and adversity in the service of others as well as the local heroes who commit their lives, or a portion of their lives, to humanitarian efforts.

Post thoughts, support, and stories to #SHAREHUMANITY

Humanism vs. Humanitarianism

When we talk about Humanism, we focus on the ethical worldview that humans have the potential to be good without belief in the supernatural and that we have a duty to be a positive, contributive member of society. While that is an essential topic in our culture, today we celebrate Humanitarianism, which focuses solely on the moral imperative of kindness and compassion being extended to ALL human beings equally, and often acknowledges a sacrifice on the part of the person giving.

World Humanitarian Summit

The first United  Nations World Humanitarian Summit was held this past may with more than 9,000 participants representing 173 States, 55 Heads of State and Government, and thousands of citizens and NGO representatives.  Read more:  Website | Chair’s Summary
They focused on five key issues:
  1. Political leadership to end conflict
  2. Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity
  3. Leave no one behind.
  4. Change people’s lives: from delivering aid to ending need
  5. Invest in Humanity





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