A Humanist Response to the Orlando Tragedy

Update 6/15/16:

Join us this Saturday, June 18th, for a Secular Community #OrlandoUnited rally and blood drive, from Noon until 5:00 p.m., in the parking lot of Target in Oviedo.   RSVP and Details on the Facebook Event (Click Here).

blood donor response

Posted 6/12/16:

We are sorry for our long silence following the Pulse Orlando shooting – our administrators were tied up working to empower individuals to make a meaningful difference in response to this tragedy through volunteerism and blood donorship.

We would like a moment of your time to share a Humanist perspective on this event with our friends and allies.

We are heartbroken for the victims, families, and communities devastated by this act of violence. We are here for you – for all of you. Our condolences and anything that we can do to help are offered to you.

Here are some thoughts for the Secular Americans and allies in our community.

BE. Action Oriented

In the wake of a disaster we wonder what we can do to help heal ourselves and those around us.  We want to DO SOMETHING that adds good to the world and to those with whom we are connected.  We see that we are connected to our community, and we seek ways to add value, positive impact, and to imprint our signature of kindness on those around us – and on those we don’t even know.

Donate Blood – or volunteer with OneBlood

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOneBlood.org is our local blood donorship medical facility that coordinates blood drives in our community.  They need your gift of life to preserve lives of the victims and to replenish the blood supply for local hospitals.  They need people to volunteer at local drives and branch locations in support of the amazing outpouring of support from Central Floridians.

Blood will be needed throughout the coming weeks; please don’t let the enthusiasm dwindle.  Consider donating in a week or two to ensure continued blood supply for ongoing surgeries of the victims and other patients.  Make an appointment at OneBlood.org; appointments help OneBlood a great deal and also mean you don’t have to wait in line.

Due to the ongoing website traffic, the appointment page may take time to load or need to be re-visited later.  Please keep trying.  You are needed.

To volunteer, you can contact 1-888-9-DONATE or contact BEOrlando@live.com and we will help connect you.220px-secularhumanismlogo3dpriderainbowcolors

Are you one of the lucky people who are eligible to donate blood?  If your identity community were in need, you would want to step up and help.  What if you COULDN’T? What if you couldn’t save your friend or family member? Please consider donating in place of those who are unable. Be the voice, be the blood, be the life, be the love.  You can  make a difference.

Secular Community Blood Drive

We are working to coordinate a blood drive, vigil, and community support gathering in partnership with the Central Florida Freethought Community for our local secular and Humanist community. Please contact BEOrlando@live.com if you would like to help coordinate or visit us here on JustGottaBE.org for updates on the drive date, time, and location.

Just get involved, for Goodness’ Sake!

There is a surge of blood donors coming forward; but less than 50% of the adult population of the US is eligible to donate.  Yes, donating blood is impactful, but there are other ways we can make a difference  – in addition to, or in lieu of, donating blood.

Join BE. Orlando in our efforts to create and succeed in humanist community impact efforts in Central Florida.  Or google search for volunteer opportunities – there are a million ways that you can make a difference.  Please take your time, talents, and contribution potential and invest them in organizations that are making a positive difference – that is an AMAZING way you can be empowered to impact.

DONATE. In response to this tragedy, please consider Equality Florida and the Zebra Coalition for monetary donations.

People are individuals

Our thoughts and love go out to those impacted by this tragedy, including LGBTQ+ communities and Muslim communities.  We remind everyone to value people as individuals and not make judgments based on appearances, myths, or assumptions.

We join in the thoughts of David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community, who shared in a press release earlier today: “We are truly outraged by this senseless act of violence. The possible motivations of the perpetrator and the targeting of LGBTQ Americans only deepens the need for our community to come together. We strongly support our LGBTQ friends in grieving and urge those who are able to donate blood and other needed resources to begin the healing.”

STOP using the OFFENSIVE  #PrayForOrlando hashtag

Please, stop spreading the hateful, marginalizing, devaluing message that normalizes the misconception that the religious community ONLY is valued, respected, and responsive during tragedies and emergencies.

We value ALL people, no matter their faith or non-faith perspective. #OneOrlando.

Many individuals in our community (24% overall, and 36% of our college-aged population) identify as non-religious, secular, or not affiliated with a religion.  Don’t propagate hate against persons of non-faith and the myth that only people of faith care about the community during a tragedy.

Many people in our community find neither solace nor comfort in “prayer”.  Many people in our community do not feel that to “pray” makes a meaningful difference; rather they feel that we should donate blood, volunteer, find active ways to make a real difference, human-to-human.  Through acts of kindness, compassion, and community engagement we make a difference for everyone regardless of their faith or non-faith perspective.

Don’t promote one perspective to the exclusion of another when we should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder, together, in love, compassion, and solidarity.

#OneOrlando #PulseOrlando #PeaceforOrlando #OrlandoStrong

Somewhere to turn

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If members of our secular and Humanist community need somewhere to turn, please contact us at BEOrlando@live.com.  We are here for you, we are listening, and we can connect you with resources and people who can help.



2 thoughts on “A Humanist Response to the Orlando Tragedy

  1. Thank you for building community and for creating opportunities to be of service.


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