May 5th: NDoR

Today, May 5th, 2016, BE. Orlando celebrates the National Day of Reason (NDoR).

This day inspires needed visibility of the secular community and promotes equality for all Americans, regardless of faith or non-faith perspective.  The human ability to think and reason forms a foundation for advancement and achievement. It is intentionally held on the National Day of Prayer to generate conversation about and awareness of the Separation of Church and State.

The goal of NDOR is “to celebrate reason—a concept all Americans can support—and to raise public awareness about the persistent threat to religious liberty posed by government intrusion into the private sphere of worship.”

Reason Rally on 6/4/2016 in Washington

Those who support reason should plan to attend the 2016 Reason Rally in Washington D.C.  on June 4. Speakers, including leading scientists and well-known entertainers, will host the largest gathering of secular individuals in the nation to demonstrate the lobbying strength of those who support the separation of church and state, eradication of legislated faith-based discrimination against women and LGBTQ+ individuals, evidence-based educational curricula, and respect for the diversity of our American culture to include those of non-faith.

reason-rally-header-logoThis initiative is a collaborative effort of major national secular organizations.  The Reason Rally gathering & celebration is on Saturday only, but there are activities over a four-day span to include door-to-door lobbying and a mini-conference if more involvement interests you.  Visit for more information.






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