Biggest List of Secular Reasons to Volunteer

Only about a quarter of the adult population of the United States engages in volunteerism.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, reported in February 2016 that the volunteer rate in America declined by four percent to 24.9 percent for the annual reporting period ending in September 2015.  About 62.6 million people volunteered through or for an organization at least once between September 2014 and September 2015.

Not only CAN everyone make a difference, but look at the amazing benefits to your own life!  When you improve the community around you, you improve your own world.  No matter what your passion or interests, there are ways that you can use YOUR talent and skills, whatever YOUR availability, and whatever YOU are interested in to guide your decisions about where to invest your time and, if possible, donations.

How do you find something meaningful? Start with a google search to find organizations in your area, or join one of the many volunteer organizations and networking groups – you can find some of them listed on our Volunteer Resource page. The groups & organizations will provide you a variety of volunteering opportunities so that you can try on different “hats” to enjoy a variety of experiences or find something that really inspires you that you want to commit to as “your” cause.

Always research a group or organization before investing your time or money to make sure they are in good standing, responsible, achieve meaningful results, and align with your personal mission and values.  This is your investment; make sure it will have a good return.

Here are some reasons people give for volunteering…
what resonates with you? Can you add to the list?

  • Giving back to the community
  • Make a difference for people around us
  • Set an example for children
  • Set an example for others.
  • Build skills and knowledge
  • To “Pay it Forward”
  • Because I said I would.
  • Focusing on others reduces stress
  • Builds positive emotions, which have a positive effect on personal health
  • Build resume strength
  • To add new dimensions to my life.
  • To add kindness and goodness to the world
  • Build confidence
  • To help others succeed
  • Volunteering help rectify disconnection and self-interest that harm our community.
  • Compassionate action is a natural expression of connection to the world around us.
  • To see people happy – and know I brought that.
  • To try new things
  • To expand my exposure to diverse people in my community
  • There are people who need help.
  • Flexibility of commitment to schedule and length of service – I can find a one-time event where I have time to help, and other longer term commitments that fit into my life responsibilities.
  • To feel connected
  • Flexibility – I can make a difference in a different area each month or year; in my job, I do the same thing year after year.
  • It is addictive.
  • The place I volunteer appreciates us and couldn’t achieve their mission without volunteers.
  • To join my friends in their volunteer activities and be part of things they care about.
  • Because I can.
  • safeguard intellect and engender curiosity in subsequent generations.
  • Gives me the warm & fuzzy feeling!
  • I volunteer when I travel
  • Volunteering is positive for your mind, body, and spirit.
  • It saves me money on entertainment and activities.
  • To uplift others.
  • To combat depression.
  • To take on responsibilities.
  • To see the success of the agency, and know I was part of that.  Like watching a tree grow when you help plant it.
  • To do something I’m good at.
  • I meet new clients for my business.
  • To overcome my disabilities – there are always ways I can make a difference for others, not in spite of my chair, but because that empowers me to help even more, to inspire more people, and to increase the impact of my service in so many ways.
  • Because it must be done.
  • Our family volunteering together brings us closer.
  • To add positive, meaningful experiences to my collection of great memories.
  • Volunteering is the ultimate payback to those who helped me on the road to success.
  • It is an essential Human responsibility
  • To see my impact.
  • Volunteers rock.  I wanna rock.  🙂
  • To have a place in the world, a voice, a meaningful existence.
  • Instilled values and deeply held beliefs about helping others
  • To demonstrate gratitude for what I have.
  • Expand my social circle
  • To show you believe something requires action on your part; that genuineness is what convinces others that there is value to your advocacy.
  • To gain perspective on my own life
  • Keeps me from feeling isolated.
  • To recharge!
  • It makes me feel alive.
  • I can take meaningful action.
  • To exercise my rights, responsibilities, and personal power
  • To put words of caring into action.
  • To see any animal or person suffering as if no one cares and not act? NOT ME.
  • To step outside of my comfort zone into the zone of possibility where all the good stuff happens.
  • I want my life to have value.
  • To learn about people, teamwork, compassion, and about myself.
  • Karma – so good things will come back around to me and those around me.
  • Meet like-minded, motivated, positive people
  • It brings me closer to my community
  • Because I love my city and my country
  • To act in a way consistent with my principles: Integrity.
  • Fulfill a personal sense of purpose
  • Unique opportunities and experiences
  • To be empowered
  • To escape daily life
  • To gain a different perspective
  • Investing your time rather than simply spending it.
  • Providing a resource to the community by donating time so that money needed to accomplish that task can be spent on local improvements and needs.
  • Networking
  • To help someone
  • To help the environment.
  • To give a voice to someone who is marginalized.
  • To create hope
  • To impress your mom.
  • To feel needed
  • To enjoy meaningful conversation.
  • In a world full of problems, to be part of the solution.
  • To keep busy in a productive way.
  • To feel proud of yourself.
  • For a feeling of belonging.
  • To have a sense of achievement.
  • To repay a debt.
  • To be an agent of change.
  • Giving back and volunteering is part of my positive personal branding
  • To donate your talents or professional skills
  • Because of personal experience with a cause.
  • To make a stand for others.
  • For escape.
  • To be a challenge
  • I respect people who volunteer.  I want to be one of those people.
  • For fun!
  • To have an excuse to do what you love
  • Volunteering is therapeutic
  • I talk the talk, so I walk the walk.
  • When I sponsor an activity and provide volunteers, my store gets recognition which builds the confidence of our customers and brings in new customers.
  • Defeat boredom.
  • Overcome financial challenges by participating in free, fun activities that make a difference – great for family activities.
  • To make a difference
  • Be active!
  • It makes you feel good.
  • To see more of our community – learn about the “hidden” people
  • To meet the people we refer to as “people in need” and learn someone’s story and understand the person behind the face of the “in need” label.
  • To make friends
  • To meet people who share our values and interests
  • To strengthen our community
  • To learn about one’s self – hidden talents, strengths, abilities, and impact
  • To learn about resources available in our community and how they impact others.
  • Show someone in need that they are not alone and that the community cares about them
  • Test out a career option or personal interest
  • It adds value to my life
  • To give back resources that we or others we know have utilized
  • Serving with diverse people to make a difference builds bridges across differences
  • Understanding community needs enhances personal empathy and self-efficacy
  • Share your talents with others
  • Demonstrate commitment to a cause
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Perform civic duty
  • Bonding with friends, relatives, or significant others
  • Be exposed to new ideas
  • Grow in your understanding of the challenges of others
  • Be a contributing member of society

No one has ever asked you to volunteer? Well, we’re asking! Join us!!


Volunteer Resources

BE. Orlando membership site (event calendar)



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