Blood connects us all.

6/13/18 – Visitors keep finding this old post – welcome and glad to see you here!  But I want to make sure you can find the latest World Blood Donor Day information on the World Health Organization’s site:

If you’re interested in the secular blood donor initiative in Central Florida, watch for updates at


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Update 6/18/2016

Today is World Blood Donor Day, and the theme this year is Blood Connects Us All.

On this day, we reflect on the blood supply challenges faced around the globe. Sadly, this week in Orlando we are working to uplift a community impacted by a terror attack targeting our LGBT friends and neighbors.  In response, blood donors have flooded the donation centers and bloodmobiles in an outpouring of kindness and love. The response of central Floridians to this tragedy has been inspirational.  Our community’s response of blood donorship illustrates how Blood Connects Us All.

We thank our community for their involvement and response.  We thank every blood donor, everyone who brings refreshments and other supplies to support the blood drives, and the volunteers who have been working around the clock to help our community come together.

We thank people around the world for your support and compassion on this World Blood Donor Day.

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Update 06/08/16 – #WBDD is next week!  Please join us in donating blood.  And take a moment to learn about the issues of blood donation around the world.  How do natural disasters impact blood donorship and the infrastructure of blood supply?  What blood donation and blood supply challenges are faced in third world countries?

With the privileges of convenience, safety, visibility, and even incentives, why do we have blood shortages in the United States?  Why is the World Health Organization (WHO) promoting global action to achieve 100 per cent voluntary blood donation in every country?



Update 05/27/16 – #WBDD is only two weeks away!  Join us in celebrating the connections we have to one another – Blood connects us all.  Celebrate World Blood Donor Day by donating blood or hosting a blood drive in your community.


Original post:

June 14th is World Blood Donor Day.  The World Health Organization (WHO) released the theme for this year: Blood connects us all.  This theme highlights what is often an invisible connection – that between the donor and the recipient. When we give blood, we share our life with another human being – sometimes several.  You will not likely ever know who – who saw another sunrise because of you, walked their daughter down the isle because of you, continued their life mission to rescue animals because of you, was able to save their baby because of you, enjoyed a life full of love and wonderful memories – because of YOU.


As we look forward to World Blood Donor Day and the messages of gratitude and encouragement from the World Health Organization, we encourage our members and friends in the Central Florida Area to donate blood between now and June 14th – be part of the global network of individuals who make a difference by sharing their life with others through blood donation.

Did you know we are at a critical shortage currently, in part because of the Kiva virus? (get facts about Kiva from the CDC or the FDA.)  The Department of Health and Human Services has made the decision to ship blood to Puerto Rico, and our local blood supply agency announced their first shipment on March 10th.  You can help maintain adequate local blood supply: connect to your community by sharing your life  – Please donate blood.

Whose life will you save today?

There are opportunities to donate every day on buses and branch locations in our local community – and we hope that you will join us on the Big Red Bus at Central Florida Earth Day on April 23rd! BE. Orlando’s PintClub (member blood donor awareness initiative) is hosting the bus and we’ll have a tent in the secular and Humanist community section inside  the festival.  Please stop by and share your story about being a blood donor or recipient.Picture1

Follow the International Blood Donor Advocates page – a partnership between BE. Orlando and the Blood Donor Community in Kenya to facilitate communication among global blood donor advocates about regional challenges and efforts.

landsteinerThe first World Blood Donor Day was held in 2004, and in 2005 declared an annual global day for gratitude and education around blood donorship.

World Blood Donor Day, 14 June, is the birthday of Karl Landsteiner (1868–1943), an Austrian biologist and physician, considered to be the “founder” of modern blood transfusion.

His work on blood groups earned a Nobel prize in 1930.…/laure…/1930/landsteiner-bio.html



3 thoughts on “Blood connects us all.

  1. All the efforts count. Step by step, pint after pint, lives are saved. Keep on rolling. Thank you.


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