RAK Week Ideas


Tomorrow begins Random Acts of Kindness Week!  If you haven’t already made a RAK Plan, here are a few ideas to help you – use them to inspire your own list.

Are some of these already part of your regular habits?

  • Pay the toll for the car behind you
  • Donate blood
  • Clean up litter
  • Don’t take the closest parking space; let someone else have it.
  • buy coffee for a stranger
  • “I heard something good about you” – relay a compliment you heard
  • Volunteer
  • Pick a flower and give it to someonefaith_neutral
  • Hold the elevator
  • Make sure every person in a group conversation feels included
  • Eat lunch with someone new
  • Leave something on the desk of everyone at work (a piece of candy, fun office supplies (funny sticky notes), a kindness coin, etc.)
  • leave someone you love a list of things you like about them
  • The best present is being present. put away (and turn off) your phone when in the company of others.
  • Know someone who is a caregiver for someone who is ill or disabled? Offer to help them with something like a chore, giving them some time off, bringing them food, or just sharing a cup of coffee and conversation.
  • Leave someone an envelope of paper hearts or smiley faces, each one with something nice about them written on it.
  • Say thank you to a janitor
  • Follow up on a conversation you had with someone, remembering details and inquiring about updates.
  • Talk to someone who is by themselves at a party
  • Be a cheerleader for someone’s idea or project
  • Keep an extra umbrella to give to someone when it is raining, or leave an umbrella in a public place with a note that it is for someone who may need it.
  • send a text just to say good morning or good night
  • Do you know the name of your regular cashier? Waitress? Janitor at the office? Introduce yourself and learn about others’ life stories.
  • Stop and learn someone’s story – a homeless person, or someone you see often but never have spoken to.
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone who is making a difference in your community.
  • Give flowers or a random gift to a friend, with a “so lucky to have you as a friend” tag.
  • Leave smiley faces on whiteboards at work
  • Volunteer to be the designated driver
  • Hold open a door
  • Leave a gas card at the pump
  • On special days, like mother’s day, reach out to friends who have lost that person.
  • Buy lemonade from a child’s lemonade stand
  • Offer your seat
  • Put sticky notes with positive messages on mirrors in public restrooms
  • Cook a meal for a friend
  • Give an unexpected gift
  • Use social media to uplift others with positive messages or compliments
  • Leave a generous tip
  • Write a kind thought or inspirational message
  • Bake cookies for emergency workers
  • Deposit coins in a parking meter
  • Leave kids activity books at a hospital waiting room
  • Smile
  • Drive courteously
  • Bring donuts to work
  • Leave quarters in candy machines
  • Leave bus fair at a bus stop
  • Organize a food drive
  • Run an errand for someone
  • Make a facebook (or a hard copy!) album of humor, inspirations, cartoons, or something else that you know someone will like, and share it with them.
  • Cut a neighbor’s grass
  • Treat a friend to the movies
  • Tape a bag of microwave popcorn to a redbox
  • Set up a “scavenger hunt” for a child by leaving “clues” to find a gift
  • If you see a comic/cartoon you think someone will like, cut it out (or print it) and mail it to them with a “thought this might make you smile” note.
  • Donate clothing
  • Leave diapers and wipes at a public changing table
  • Do yardwork for a neighbor unable to do it for themselves
  • Offer to babysit for free to give a friend an evening out
  • Make a Random Act of Kindness Calendar and plan one thing to do each day for a month. Or a year.
  • Visit an animal shelter
  • When you’re on a walk with someone have a “race” to see who can pick up the most litter
  • Leave your neighbors a note complimenting their garden
  • Send someone an e-card
  • Arrange to pay anonymously when you see someone dining alone on a holiday / special day, or for an elderly couple, or to thank a soldier, firefighter, officer, or others for their service.
  • Leave a store gift card on the shelf in that store with a RAK card
  • Leave an inspirational note in a library book
  • Let someone ahead of you in line
  • Write a letter to a child and send it through the mail
  • When you go out to dinner order a dessert and drop it by your neighbor’s
  • Make a care package of food, gift cards, and toiletries to give to a homeless person
  • Send a letter of gratitude
  • Give someone a random birthday card. Write “un” before birthday and include a note that they are special and remembered EVERY day.
  • Make a point to name someone when completing a survey or comment card, and say something nice about them.
  • Thank someone who did something nice for you a long time ago
  • Send a care package
  • Give a compliment
  • Compliment people in front of others
  • Give someone a small (but thoughtful) wrapped present for no reason
  • Help someone unload their groceries
  • Leave notes of encouragement
  • Return a shopping cart for someone
  • Leave a book for someone to enjoy

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