ICCD Update – Results from Volusia County Beach Cleanup

Picture2Volusia County results from the 2015 International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD) beach cleanup event are in!  We were so proud to be part of this effort! Thank you to everyone in Volusia County and across the globe who participated in this impactful worldwide effort hosted by the Ocean Conservancy.

thank you volunteers 2015On September 19th, 2015, 1539 volunteers cleaned 7475 pounds of trash in Volusia County during this year’s International Coastal Cleanup event. Items that may be of interest to you are the most common trash items found and record setting items found in 2015. Here are those statistics:

2015 Most common items found:

  1. Cigarette butts: 39,444
  2. Small plastic pieces: 11,267
  3. Food Wrappers: 5,733
  4. Plastic Bottle Caps: 5,658

2015 Record breaking items found:

  • Beverage cans: 2537
  • Diapers: 58
  • Fireworks: 563
  • Fishing Line: 923
  • Tires: 49
  • Tobacco Packaging/Wrappers: 809
  • Bags (non paper or plastic): 1680




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