Professional Development Workshop: Faith and Non-Faith Diversity

We wanted to share this unique (and free) professional development opportunity with our members and friends:  Join a workshop at UCF exploring faith and non-faith diversity issues that impact us and those around us in our professional and personal encounters.  Diversity training enhances the skill of creating inclusion for all. Consideration of the diverse worldviews around us can increase customers and employee satisfaction and improve our personal connections and relationships.

Explore topics such as considering the faith diversity around us, what is meant by minority perspectives, assumptions we make when someone states their faith perspective, statistical trends, cultural biases, experiences of those potentially marginalized because of their faith or non-faith perspective, and how you are empowered to help create inclusive spaces for all.

Email workshop facilitator,

Secular and Religious Minority Awareness
Saturday, August 1st, 2:30 – 4:30
University of Central Florida, Teaching Academy
This session is open to public attendance
(with registration)

All participants at the August 1st session will receive a certificate of attendance.  Those completing this workshop are eligible to register (optional) as part of the UCF SRMA and national Secular Safe Zone Allies network. UCF employees will have attendance documented through MyUCF for professional development records and 2.0 diversity credits for participating UCF divisions.


  • SRMA is: A discussion about creating a respectful environment for people of all faith and non-faith perspectives.
  • SRMA is NOT: A debate about faith, or a promotion of any faith or non-faith perspective.

This workshop is offered through the University of Central Florida Office of Diversity Initiatives.


  • Community members Email the workshop facilitator with your name and workshop title, date, and time.
  • UCF Employees:  Login to  Under employee self service, choose training and development, request training.  Search by course number (DIV224) or by course name.
  • UCF Students: Email with your name, NID, and workshop title, date, and time.



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