Update from PintClub: Blood Donors ROCK!

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BE. Orlando is a community of philanthropy-minded individuals who are aware of their ability to make a difference in the world and who are committed to action and involvement that makes a positive impact.  They empower others to do the same. That solution-oriented empowerment mentality attracts giving, generous, kind individuals who are informed about the needs in in our community and play an active role in efforts to solve important issues.

One of those issues is the continuous need for blood donors. There is no artificial substitute for blood; only donors can provide the life-saving supply needed to give someone the gift of another sunrise, another hug, another chance. With only 38% of the population eligible to give blood – and only 10% doing so on a regular basis – ensuring an adequate blood supply is a constant challenge for blood professionals.  Every two seconds, someone needs blood – a car accident victim can need as much as 100 units to survive.

PintClub, one of the first initiatives of BE. Orlando, encourages its members and the greater community to be regular blood donors. Visit PintClub.org to see the new website!


From PintClub regarding the recent changes:
We’ve been working with OneBlood to sort out how OneBlood’s new donor management system would shape our future plans for this initiative.  While no longer able to have community groups host blood donor initiatives quite like ours was structured, OneBlood does empower community groups to host blood buses – which we will continue do.  We also will continue to advocate for blood donorship and host occasional social events (the “other” PintClub!).

PintClub is not part of the blood professional network; we are a community organization of kind people, and we work to inform our members about the need for blood donors as well as advocate to the greater community when we host blood drives and outreach vendor tables at events.  If your central Florida community, workplace, Meetup, or other organization would like to host a blood drive or learn more about how YOU can make a difference, please contact OneBlood. If you would like to partner with PintClub or have us bring a tent / vendor table to your blood drive, contact us at PintClub@hotmail.com.

Blood donors are silent heroes.  They don’t get to meet their recipient or know the specific impact of their gift – but every donation has the potential to impact three lives.  PintClub hosted a major campaign to support a young lady in our community with Severe Aplastic Anemia who would not have survived her ordeal without blood donorship. We did this to support her and to personalize blood donorship for our members – many of whom know this young lady and her mother. Sick since she was 12 years old, she had a bone marrow transplant at 17.  She spent more than a year at the Ronald McDonald House fighting for her life with the support of her tireless, fearless, loving mother.  Today, she is doing well and continues to be grateful for those who took 30 minutes of their time so that she could have a lifetime. For every single instance of blood donation, there is a story of someone whose life was improved – even saved.

And that is why BLOOD DONORS ROCK.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to donate blood – and for all of the ways that you make a difference in the community.

Please visit PintClub.org and learn about our initiative and events, and join us through BE. Orlando.

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