Annual Summer Reading BOOK DRIVE!

Updated 4/3/15

WHAT:  Book drive to support K-12 youth in our community

WHEN:  NOW through May 26 (see web page for drop-off location & details)

Please hold book drives in your Meetup groups, neighborhoods, workplaces, families, and other connections.  New and gently-used (gift condition) books only, please.

The annual Summer Reading Book Drive hosted by our local United Way provides books to local at-risk children.  They give them to participants in their June 23 Day of Action literacy event where hundreds of volunteers conduct literacy activities in our community.  They also provide books to summer literacy programs at local shelters and youth programs.

summer book drive

Did you know that in low-income neighborhoods there is an average of one book for every 300 children?  In middle income neighborhoods, there are 13 books for every one child.

Quick Facts on Summer Reading Loss:

  • Students can lose up to 25% of their reading level over the summer.
  • Reading just four books over the summer can prevent the summer slide, and can actually increase reading levels.
  • Price is the number one barrier to book ownership .
  • A recent study found that in middle-income neighborhoods, the ratio of age-appropriate books is 13 books for every child, while in low-income neighborhoods, it’s 1 book for every 300 children.
  • A conservative estimate of lost instructional time is approximately two months or roughly 22% of the school year.

Day of Action


The Heart of Florida United Way coordinates hundreds of volunteers who engage with local schools, shelters, and youth programs conducting literacy activities with at-risk youth.  All of the children receive books at the events that they can take with them – last year every child received five books!

Books from this book drive are also provided to local shelters and youth programs to use throughout the summer as gifts to children and as part of their own summer reading programs.

Day of Action will be on June 23rd in Central Florida.  If you are interested in being one of the volunteers for this day, please contact the Heart of Florida United Way at for more information.  You can also visit their Day of Action Web page – they will post the events for sign-up closer to the date.



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