Heroes needed – for wolves and wolfdogs.

UPDATED 12/10/14

Donate to IHWN.org

In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven, a local sanctuary for wolves, wolfdogs, and other exotic friends, is in desperate need of your help this holiday season.  Without a holiday miracle, this refuge will disappear from Central Florida with devastating impact on the more than 80 animals that call these volunteers their family and this property their home.

There are more than 50 wolfdogs waiting for refuge or sanctuary and not enough resources to provide them with a place to go. IHWN is one of three agencies in Florida that works to provide a permanent home to those who cannot transition to a family life and rehoming services for those who can. IHWN also serves other exotic and domestic animals. Humans created the need for this type of agency; humans should create and support the solution. Be a hero – make a difference.

If you can’t donate, share.  Advocates are heroes, too. This amazing place will close unless we can reach people who will help save it. We need everyone’s help – share, and give if you can. When we’re mourning this loss there will be people saying they would have helped if they had known – don’t let that happen. Help spread the word and reach those people now while they can still make a difference.

BE. Orlando is a proud supporter of In Harmony With Nature, contributing advocacy, donations, and volunteer hours.  Join us and help save this amazing local resource.

Update from Kim Kapes, CEO of IHWN, 12/9/2014: Hello Everyone,My apology for a late update. I know you are all wanting to help and support us and I truly do appreciate every one of you! This fundraising effort has been the most challenging thing we have had to do thus far as a charity organization. We work hard to help the animals and we do not look at obstacles as stopping blocks just speed bumps along our path. We have slowly been gaining funds but have not hit the large sum that we need for the short sale offer. After speaking with the real estate agent and preparing all the documents we agreed to start our offer to the bank at $100,000 but must have proof of funds. We do not have that amount. We had been waiting on some grants to come through to help us finalize our goals but just a few days ago we were informed that we would not receive the grants. We are still checking into several other options with folks who may be able to assist us. We have had to pay back taxes on part of the property in order to keep our interest in the land. Everyone who follows us is very special to us and I would ask you all to keep your hearts open to the energy of success for this endeavor. We all have different philosophies and beliefs but if you can keep your thoughts on a peaceful, happy outcome for all of us I believe that it will create a vibration in the Universe to make that happen. We are putting as much action into that outcome as we can and we are grateful you have all joined us on this path. Best Holiday wishes to everyone!


Here’s your hero badge – Share on your social media to show your support for the IHWN family and help their efforts to save this local resource.

Wolf Hero - IHWN.org

Visit IHWN.org and help save their home today.


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