Update – The Warmies Project

It is hard to imagine, but it will soon be getting cold, even here in beautiful central Florida.  We host a special initiative to bring smiles and warmth to people in need in our community – the Warmies Project(tm).

This is not a typical blanket & coat drive. The Warmies Project collects handmade items, each with a hand-written note from the fiber artist to the recipient, that is packaged in ribbon as a gift and donated to children’s hospitals, homeless and domestic violence shelters, youth programs, hospice agencies, and more.  We collect items all year, and make deliveries when it starts to get cold.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaking it personal makes all the difference. A local artist recently submitted two items – a beautiful scarf and hat – and her Warmies note says, “May this keep you warm when the world is cold.”  Thank you, Anjella – what a beautiful gift and note!  Some artists include brief notes, others have written letters of encouragement or included cards.

We look for gift-quality cozy-warmies that include quilts, scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters, lap blankets, gloves, and more.  Recipients include men, women, and children.  Please don’t forget the men! Did you know that one in four of our local homeless men are US veterans?  We don’t accept items for pets in general, but if you would like to make a coat for a greyhound, we will donate it to local greyhound rescue agencies.  Greys are always brrrrrrr-cold.

The Warmies Project will be visiting the Orlando Distaff Day event on January 10th.  Last year, this amazing group of fiber artists welcomed us to their event and donated 98 items in support of the project!!  Thank you so much to Jody and all of the organizers of Orlando Distaff Day for providing such a wonderful event for local artists to network and collaborate and for including the Warmies Project!  Orlando Distaff Day is open to the public – for more information, please visit their website or Facebook event.

If you would like to volunteer with The Warmies Project during delivery season, or if you would consider donating ribbon or gift bags, please contact us at BEOrlando@live.com.  If your organization would like to be on the recipient list for deliveries, please visit our Warmies Page and fill out the request form – we’ll do our best to warm up your cold folks!

Note about Warmies Messages: These items will be donated to the diverse public, so your message should be meaningful to anyone who might receive it. We ask that all notes be respectful of diversity and not include political, religious (or non-religious), or other references that are personal choice. Remember that not everyone in need shares your worldview or faith / non-faith perspective – be inspirational to everyone.  Also, messages cannot be sealed and may be reviewed by agency staff before distribution (especially for children’s programs).




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