Make a Difference – yes, you CAN.

UPDATED 12/10/2014

Donate to**URGENT** We are going to run out of time without your help. You must know someone, or some business, who might consider being a major donor to keep the IHWN property open. Please share with your network, and ask them to contact us for more information. This is the only resource of its kind in Central Florida. There are more than 50 wolfdogs waiting for refuge or sanctuary and not enough resources to provide them with a place to go. IHWN provides a permanent home to those who cannot transition to a family life and rehoming services for those who can. IHWN also serves other exotic and domestic animals. Humans created the need for this type of agency; humans should create and support the solution. Please be part of it.

In Harmony With Nature (IHWN) is a rescue and sanctuary in our local community for wolves, wolfdogs, and other animals who need specialized care.  They found out that their leased property is being foreclosed, and they need to purchase it to prevent devastating loss for these animals that call IHWN home.

Major donors are needed immediately to help us reach that $130,000 goal.  Every donation is needed, though – we are looking at losing the property and will need every donation to help save and relocate as many of these animals as possible.

Because of humanity’s actions and decisions, these animals need a place where they can be taken care of.  IHWN finds homes when appropriate and offers permanent sanctuary and natural, specialized care to those who cannot transition to home life.  Keep this amazing resource, volunteer opportunity, community education, and animal sanctuary in our local community – please be part of the effort to save this refuge.

The CEO of this organization is a local hero, dedicating her entire life to creating a positive life for creatures that others have neglected, abused, abandoned.  There are many volunteers that have connected and bonded with the animals and who dedicate their time to making a difference. Kim and her entire team is an inspiration, demonstrating what it really means to dedicate yourself to making a positive difference in this world.

That is Team Harmony, and you can be part of it by sharing or posting the flyer below, or making a contribution at

If your business, team, group, Meetup, faith/non-faith organization, or other sphere of influence would like to host a fundraising event, let us know.  BE. Orlando will be glad to assist with graphic design, planning, and volunteering to support you. You can reach us directly at


Click here for a flyer to share!



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