2014 Cedar Key Pirate Invasion – ARRR!

Members of our pirate-themed blood donor group, PintClub, joined friends in the Cedar Key Pirates in Paradise for the annual Pirate Invasion Weekend in Cedar Key.  Hundreds of pirates from pirate groups all over the country were there and a great time was had by all!  We didn’t meet our respected rivals, the Fernandina Pirates, but we know they were there.  The Fernandina Pirates are known nation-wide for their philanthropic involvements, one of which is regular blood drives that collect more than 600 units annually. We’re nowhere near to beating them in the bloody battle for blood donors.  Yet.

Pirate Invasion Website (join us next year!)

Click any image below to visit our Photos:

2014 Pirate Fest Sunrise

Sunrise from Cedar Key marina

2014 Pirate Fest 1

Pirates at the Thieves’ Market

2014 pirate fest 2

Pirate Merchants

2014 pirate fest 3

Pirate Battle Re-enactment: The Bloody Battle for Cedar Key


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