Group Announcements


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Not us.  In fact, we want to help save their home.  A local wolf and wolf-dog rescue is in danger of losing its property.

HELP. If you are interested in a volunteer / leadership opportunity helping with the social media campaign or hosting a fundraising event, please contact Tee directly.  If you would like to follow our event, visit

ADVOCATE. If you can share that Facebook event page with your social networks / Facebook connections, that would help.  We need to reach individuals who would want to be a part of preserving this local resource – folks can’t help if they don’t know about the urgent need for assistance. We have to raise $130,000 within the next 60 days.

CAMPAIGNS. We would love to have your children’s drawings of wolves to include in an album of support for the refuge (not a fundraiser – free to enter, no sales). Great family project or youth group project! Send directly to Tee at  Artist Hero certificates will be sent for all participants.

Other refuge fundraising and advocacy campaigns include private donor outreach, three online giving campaigns, a Wolf Howl video challenge, and fundraising events (we need more of those!).

The Warmies Project

If you or someone you know enjoys sewing, knitting, and other textile arts and crafts, please consider donating an item to The Warmies Project.  We collect hand-made cozy-warmies like blankets, scarves, hats, and more.  Items should include a hand-written note from the donor to the recipient.   Items will be given to local homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, hospices, children’s hospitals, and other programs.

We already have more than 100 donations for the coming season – help keep the positive momentum going!  Share The Warmies Project(tm) page.  🙂   Note that there is a Tampa branch of The Warmies Project being chaired by Kim – you can contact her through Meetup.


Secular and Religious Minority Awareness (SRMA) Project

SRMA is a workshop that will launch at UCF in the fall, and in our community in the spring. The intent is to promote a respectful academic and workplace environments for individuals of all faith and non-faith perspectives, with a focus on the fastest-growing faith demographic in America: secularism.

UCF project:
Community Project (draft):

We are looking for focus group opportunities.  If you know of a meetup, team, social, faith community, or other group that would be willing let us come in as a guest speaker to present the SRMA content for review and feedback – or just to host a discussion content – please pass along my contact information.  Tee Rogers,

There will be an e-focus group and another group event posted soon with BE.  Please participate if you can – your input will help create and steer this brand new project that will hopefully make a positive difference in our world.

Math,Science, and Pi(e) Festival

March isn’t THAT far away!  If you are interested in helping with the planning and fundraising to support our Pi Day event at the Coalition for the Homeless, please contact Tee directly.  You can learn more about this event at

Upcoming Events – Highlights

  • ICCD – Sep 20th.  Join us for our annual kayak / beach cleanup event in support of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD).  More info on our calendar or on our website.
  • Sunday Assembly Orlando – Sep 28th.  Join in the inaugural gathering of the local Sunday Assembly.  See our calendar for more details (they don’t have a website yet, but we will share it as soon as they do).
  • FreeFlo FHA Conference – Oct 10-12. Come enjoy the conference and/or help us host the BE. Orlando table in the information room.
  • Veg Fest – Oct 25.  Come enjoy Veg Fest and stop by or help host our BE. Orlando vendor table.  If it fits your bloodletting schedule, drop in to the Big Red Bus which will be located at the entrance to the festival.  Blood donations will support BE.’s PintClub challenge!



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