Oct2015_BE-Gif_slowerBE. healthy. BE. positive. BE. happy. BE. productive. BE. involved. BE. impactful. BE. adventurous.

A Humanist service organization that creates opportunities for volunteerism, learning, and networking. Openly inclusive of all diversities, including minority faith, non-faith, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Together, our impact is greater.

Mission: BE. creates opportunities for engagement in positive activities and promotes equality and inclusivity.

Vision:  Central Floridians of different worldviews standing shoulder to shoulder, working together to make the world a better place.

Tagline: Focus on Positive Impact.

Core values:

  • Service – making a positive difference for our community
  • Gratitude – mindful living; appreciating and inspiring kindness, peace, and joy
  • Inclusiveness – actively promoting inclusion for ALL, including the LGBTQ+, minority faith, and non-faith communities.


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Founded September 2, 2011

atheist-managed org

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