BE. Orlando Humanist Fellowship

A gift for you – free, printable Humanist Calendar (2018 posted!)


BE is a community of positive, service-minded people in Central Florida, connected by our common interest of making a difference and our experiences of living a life of Humanist values.

Humanism is a secular worldview focused on an individual’s connectivity to and potential impact on others.  We believe in the personal empowerment of everyone to influence the world around us, the potential value and goodness of all human beings, emphasize common human needs and experience, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

2017-gifWhat is a non-faith fellowship? A church is a perspective-specific community for people of faith; BE. Orlando is  a perspective-specific community for people of non-faith, as well as for people of faith who believe that goodness, kindness, and compassion are ubiquitous human potentials.  Like any fellowship, we share common goals, values, and interests.

 Founded September 2, 2011

BE. is a proud

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BE. Orlando Humanist Fellowship | PO Box 677693, Orlando, FL 32867 |


atheist-managed org



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